Press Release 2010

UOB (Malaysia) Partners CL Computers to Introduce Recycle ATMs

Kuala Lumpur, 22 February 2010 - United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Bhd [UOB (Malaysia)]’s partnership with CL Computers Sdn Bhd has enabled the bank to roll out its strategy to move cash transactions to its self-service Recycle Automated Teller Machines [Recycle ATMs]. Using its state-of-the-art bill sorting and authenticating system, Recycle ATMs use the cash that are deposited by consumers at the ATM to be redistributed subsequently for dispensing or withdrawals.

Customer is now able to perform multiple types of transactions at the same machine without having to queue at another machine to perform other transactions like balance enquiry, bill payment, place fixed deposit and other services.

UOB (Malaysia) has started the first phase in implementing the first Recycle Automated Teller Machines [Recycle ATMs] in two of its branches in Klang Valley.

The use of this technology to improve operations offers UOB (Malaysia) substantial operational savings and effective utilisation of cash, and increasing staff productivity in branches. Cash replacement have been reduced which has cut the need for branch staff to replenish and collect the cash. This allows branch staff to spend more time attending to customers at the branch.

The Recycle ATMs not only helped improve operations but has also reduced the amount of cash needed at the ATM itself (dead cash) thus allowing the bank to better utilise the cash for other more productive purposes.

The machine has the capability to detect non-usable notes and these notes are kept securely in the machine and will not be recycled for dispensing during cash withdrawals.

Recycle ATMs are very popular in countries such as Japan where almost all of its ATMs are of such nature. Other countries such as Korea, China and Taiwan and other parts of Europe are beginning to implement Recycle ATMs.

CL Computers is the exclusive distributor of Hitachi-Omron Recycle ATMs and Cash Deposit Machines in Malaysia. Hitachi-Omron is the largest manufacturer of Recycle ATMs in Japan.

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