Press Release 2017

UOB Malaysia takes a risk-first advisory approach to help customers navigate through market uncertainty

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 23 November 2017 - United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Bhd (UOB Malaysia) today implemented 'A Risk-First Approach to Managing Your Wealth' (Risk-First), a risk-based approach to providing financial advice and investment solutions for its affluent customers. The Risk-First approach is designed to help the Bank's Privilege Banking customers1 achieve their financial goals by having a good grounding of risk factors and how to mitigate against them. UOB Malaysia is implementing the Risk-First approach ahead of more global market uncertainty it expects in 2018.

Through this Risk-First approach to wealth management, UOB Malaysia's client advisers will take customers through a detailed risk assessment exercise to help them better ascertain and understand their risk tolerance. The Risk-First approach will also help hone customers' understanding of how risk relates to potential returns and help customers make informed investment decisions.

Mr Ronnie Lim, Managing Director and Country Head of Personal Financial Services, UOB Malaysia, said the Risk-First approach ensures customers understand and prioritise risk factors, especially as 2018 appears to look more uncertain.

"Global growth has been on a positive trajectory and financial markets have remained stable since the US Federal Reserve began normalising its balance sheet in October. However, pockets of risk remain. There is still much uncertainty around US fiscal and tax policies and how these changes might impact global markets. Lingering geopolitical risks and rising commodity prices remain a concern for us. At UOB Malaysia, we are watching the markets closely. Should global central banks turn more hawkish or commodity prices push too far ahead, we could see a pick-up in global inflation and volatility. In light of the uncertainty, we believe it is prudent for our customers to be prepared to take a more cautious stance should market risks increase," Mr. Lim said.

The Risk-First approach helps the Bank's customers to evaluate their risk appetites so they can make informed and optimal investment decisions and achieve their long-term financial objectives amid changing market conditions.

"By placing risk at the center of our advisory framework, we help our customers better understand and identify their different risk tolerance levels. From this starting point, we can then address how their risk appetite relates to various types of investments and review their investment portfolios in line with changing market conditions. We do this through regular portfolio rebalancing, dynamic asset allocation and striking a balance between short-term tactical strategies with long-term investment solutions," Mr. Lim said

UOB Malaysia's Risk-First approach exemplifies the Bank's commitment to treating its customers fairly and to meeting the needs and requirements of its growing affluent customer base through specialist advice and solutions.

"UOB Malaysia is committed to providing personalised solutions and expert advice to help our customers grow their wealth, protect their investments and preserve their wealth from one generation to the next. Providing our customers with comprehensive risk disclosures, tailored advice and offering them the solutions that best meet their needs are integral to how we help customers manage their money wisely to meet their financial goals," Mr. Lim said.

UOB Malaysia's Privilege Banking customers will be able to evaluate and to assess their risk individual profiles by consulting their client advisers and investment specialists at any of UOB Malaysia's Privilege Banking Centres across the country.


1 Refers to customers with assets under management of more than RM500,000.

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