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SME Digitalisation Initiative Grant

SME Digitalisation Initiative is a new grant initiative provided by the Ministry of Finance Malaysia to assist Small and Medium Enterprises ("SMEs") to adopt digitalisation in their business operations.

This matching grant is provided by the Government for a period of five (5) years. This grant will expire on 16 February 2025 or upon reaching 100,000 applications, whichever comes first.

Transform your business digitally at a lower cost

/Save cost

Save cost

Eligible SMEs may save up to 50% or RM 5,000 on their digital transformation adoption in the areas of Accounting, HR & Payroll.

/Supported by government

Supported by the Government

This grant is specially provided by the Government to assist SMEs to thrive their business digitally.

/Stay ahead

Stay ahead of the competition

Keep abreast with the latest digital trends and remain competitive in your industry to expand your business and growth.

Transform your business digitally at a lower cost



How it works

SME Customers can apply for the grant via SmartBusiness.

Access your business financials easily and conveniently with our mobile ready and friendly solution.


  • Start easily
  • Suitable for all SMEs
  • Runs in the Cloud
HR and Payroll

Automate your HR and payroll processess to free up time and minimise human errors.


  • Automate payroll, claims and attendance processes
  • Allow employer and employees' access via mobile app
  • Integrate seamlessly to company's software and hardware 

Easily manage your business financials and meeting the requirement of local business practices and challenging environments.

Frequently asked questions

Can I submit more than one application?

This matching grant is limited to one (1) application per SME only.

SME Customers can apply for the grant via SmartBusiness for Accounting and HR & Payroll system.

AutoCount Sdn Bhd, QNE Software Sdn Bhd and HReasily Sdn Bhd are the appointed technology solution providers (TSPs) and partners of UOB SmartBusiness.

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SME customers who meet the eligibility criteria as shown under Eligibility (page-link to this section).

Ready to go digital?

Ready to go digital?

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