Real-time Electronic Transfer of Funds and Securities System (RENTAS)

Items Amount / Rate / Remarks
UOB Business Internet Banking Over-the-Counter

Transaction Charge

• Sole Proprietors, Partnership & SME1


RM2.00 / Transaction


RM5.00 / Transaction

• Other Corporates

RM9.00 / Transaction

RM9.00 / Transaction

Daily Transaction Limit No Limit
(Minimum RM10,000 / Transaction)

Payment Reference

• Availability of payers' names and payment references in beneficiaries' bank statement

Not Available

• Availability of beneficiaries' names and payment references in payers' bank statement

Not Available

Future Dated Payments


Banking Hours

Crediting Time

• Monday - Friday


(Transaction performed before 1.00 p.m.)

• Non-business Days

Next Business Day
(following Federal Territory calendar)

Refund Time

Same day


1For manufacturing sector, sales turnover not exceeding RM50 mil or full-time employees not exceeding 200 workers; for services and other sectors, sales turnover not exceeding RM20 mil or full-time employees not exceeding 75 workers.