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    Enjoy double rewards for your business when you register DuitNow with us

DuitNow Campaign

Get rewarded with cash vouchers when you register your DuitNow ID using your Business Registration Number with us. In addition, stand a chance to win cashback up to RM8,888 when you start transacting via UOB Business Internet Banking Plus (BIBPlus).

Campaign period: 11 March to 30 June 2019.

Prizes To Be Won 

Sign Up Prizes

RM20 cash vouchers for first 2,000 customers*

*Applicable to the first 2,000 customers on first-come, first-served basis.


How To Win



Stand to win
Register your DuitNow ID
with UOB and receive cash
voucher worth RM20*

Start transacting using
DuitNow via our

The more you transact,
the higher your chance
in winning the Grand Prize


UOB DuitNow Campaign Terms and Conditions

PayNet DuitNow Launch Campaign Terms and ConditionsFAQ

For more details on PayNet Duitnow Launch Campaign, kindly visit PayNet website


Transfer and receive funds instantly

Available 24x7

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High Transfer Limit

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Available 24x7, including non-business days.

Enjoy high transfer limit of up to RM10 million per transaction.

Enjoy zero transaction fee*

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You can set future and recurring fund transfers

Safe and reliable

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Valid until 31 December 2019 and subject to daily transfer limit.

DuitNow is available on BIBPlus which is a secured mode of fund transfer and eliminates the use of cash.

How to Register

How to Register for DuitNow ID via BIBPlus?
How to register – Maker
Step 1
Step 2
  • Login to UOB BIBPlus
  • Click Administration > Manage DuitNow ID
Step 3
Step 4
  • Click Registered DuitNow ID
  • Enter your BIBPlus Company ID
  • Click  to select which account to link to the selected Company ID
  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions
  • Click Submit
Step 5
  • Follow the steps on the screen to authenticate using the SecurePlus token
How to register – Authoriser
Step 1
Step 2
  • Login to UOB BIBPlus
  • Click Administration > Manage DuitNow ID
Step 3
Step 4
  • Click Pending DuitNow ID
  • Click  to approve the DuitNow ID
  • Follow the steps on the screen to authenticate using the SecurePlus token

How to Send Money

How to transfer funds via DuitNow?
Step 1
Step 2
  • Login to UOB BIBPlus
  • Click Payment Services & Local Payment Module
  • Click DuitNow
  • Key in the Company ID and Account Number to be debited from
  • Click OK to proceed
Step 3
Step 4
  • Input all the required details
  • Click Submit to proceed
  • A pop-up will automatically appear, displaying the beneficiary name
  • Click OK to proceed
  • Payment will then be submitted for Authoriser approval

How to Receive Money

How to receive funds via DuitNow?

Start receiving funds by just providing your Business Registration Number to the sender once you have registered for DuitNow.


DuitNow is a new real-time online fund transfer service that allows customers to transfer funds to their recipient’s DuitNow ID instead of their account number. For business customers, they can register and transfer funds using DuitNow via UOB BIBPlus. This is an industry-wide initiative among all banks to simplify funds transfers while maintaining a high level of security.

DuitNow ID is an identifier used to register account numbers. For businesses, they can register one DuitNow ID to one account, i.e. Business Registration Number (registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM)) to a Current Account.

No, each DuitNow ID is unique, hence can only be registered to one account, regardless of whether the accounts are from the same bank or different banks.

At the moment, only Savings Accounts and Current Accounts can be registered for DuitNow.

Yes, they can. They can change the account once the features are available via BIBPlus or at any UOB branch starting December onwards.

The transaction limit for DuitNow via BIBPlus is RM10,000,000.

Transfers up to RM5,000 are free while a charge of RM0.50 per transaction applies for transactions above RM5,000. (RM0.50 charges applies for DuitNow transaction via BIBPlus).

Yes, once they have keyed in the DuitNow ID, the registered account holder’s name will be displayed. It is important that they check that the name belongs to the intended recipient before confirming the transfer.

No. Only the authorized person appointed by the company is allowed to register for DuitNow.

They can easily go to BIBPlus and transfer the DuitNow ID from other banks. It will only take them a few minutes.

To assign DuitNow access right to a BIBPlus User, please refer to this guide.

  • DuitNow Terms and Conditions: ENGBM

  • National Addressing Database: ENGBM