Google Workspace
Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Get Google Workspace monthly subscription @ US$4.99 only with your UOB Visa Commercial card

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This offer is specifically intended for customers to purchase G Suite.
  2. ResellerClub will own all customers who will be purchasing Google Workspace and will be responsible for providing admin support to said customers.
  3. This offer is valid until further notice from ResellerClub.
  4. ResellerClub reserves the right to terminate this offer without further notice.
  5. The prices of Google Workspace are subject to change based on price revisions by Google. ResellerClub reserves the right to revise pricing for Google Workspace without prior notice.
  6. The above offer is subject to the merchant's and Visa's terms and conditions. Please refer to for full details.


All the above offers are subject to terms and conditions of the respective participating merchants and Visa International Incorporated (“Visa”). Payment(s) must be made with the UOB Visa Commercial Credit Card. The terms and conditions of each participating merchants are subject to change by the respective participating merchants and the Bank shall not be liable for such changes. UOB Malaysia (“The Bank”) accepts no liability and disclaims any representation, warranty or endorsement, express or implied, written or oral, without limitation to those published in any mass media, marketing or advertising materials, including but not limited to, any warranty of quality, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose in respect of the quality of goods and/or services by the respective merchants or any third parties. The Bank shall not be responsible for any failure or delay in the transactions by Visa, participating merchant, postal or telecommunication authorities or any other party. Any claim, complaint or dispute of any nature arising out of or in relation to the procurement, or usage by the card member of any goods and/or services under this offer shall be settled by the card member directly with the participating merchant, and the card member shall not make any claim against the Bank. The promotion is valid until 31 December 2022, unless stated otherwise. For full details of the offers, redemption mechanics and terms of Use, please refer to

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