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JomX, an initiative to help the Bank's small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) customers access a host of digital solutions to accelerate their digitalisation efforts amid COVID-19 challenges.


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In effort to assist our UOB customers to accelerate in digital transformation, we bring you 7 Solution Providers that offer a range of opportunities with easy and fast support capabilities for you to go digital.




Be connected to any of these 7 Solution Partners and get easy yet fast deployable solutions & digital services at preferential rates – subject to terms and conditions.

Cloud Accounting

13-Months COMPLIMENTARY Subscription
of Cloud Accounting

A cloud accounting system to handle account, sales, purchase and stock control which helps SMEs on informative reporting and decision making.

Product Specifications & Key Offerings

  • Accounting
  • Sales Module
  • Purchase
  • Inventory
  • SST
  • Multi Location
  • Customise Financial Report

Target Segments

  • SME Businesses

AI & Data Analytics

3-Months COMPLIMENTARY Subscription
of Voyager Data Platform

Data intelligence and analytics platform that provides businesses the tools and capability to make data driven decisions.

Product Specifications & Key Offerings

  • 3months of subscription
  • Persona Analytics
  • Social Media Targeting Tool
  • On-boarding Training Videos
  • Campaign Messaging Recommendation

Target Segments

  • F&B Operators
  • Health & Beauty Products
  • Fashion


1 Year COMPLIMENTARY Subscription
of Design.AI Basic

Online creative platform to make design easy for everyone by using AI and data analytics to churn out creativity easily.

Product Specifications & Key Offerings

  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Usage of images and video clips
  • Shared Access
  • Limited Access to Premium Images
  • Making designs smarter, faster & easier, powered by A.I. Technology
  • Access to library of more than 150 million premium stock images from 123rf and Getty footages

Target Segments

  • SME Business Owners
  • Marketers
  • Agencies
  • Educators

B2B Trading Platform

5-Months COMPLIMENTARY Subscription
of Dropee Direct Basic

B2B2C e-Commerce trading platform that makes it easier for businesses to manage procurement and supply chain ecosystem.

Product Specifications & Key Offerings

  • Order Management
  • Personalised Storefront Design
  • Multi-Layer User Management
  • Catalogue Management
  • Training
  • Streamline B2B2C Sales Ordering, Payment, Fulfillment, Inventory Management, Customer Relationship Management and Analytics Tracking
  • Automated PO, DO, invoice, receipts

Target Segments

  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor
  • Retailers
  • SME Businesses


1 Year COMPLIMENTARY Subscription
of Store Design Standard

Covers order and customer management, payment integration and one-stop logistics solution.

Product Specifications & Key Offerings

  • Professional Design & Copywriting
  • 6 Product/Food Pre-Insertion
  • 1 Business Email Set-Up
  • Online Payment and Shipments Integration
  • Comprehensive Video Tutorial
  • All-in-One e-Commerce Website Design
  • e-Restaurant Store Design

Target Segments

  • Retailers
  • F&B Operators

OrangeFin Asia

COMPLIMENTARY for Life Subscription
of Attended OrangeBot

Software robotic resources which help businesses on manual and repetitive tasks which is done on the PC. It increases efficiency and prevents human error.

Product Specifications & Key Offerings

  • Free for Life Subscription
  • OrangeVision Form+
  • Access right to OrangeWorkforce Forum
  • Attended OrangeBot, No Coding AI-Enabled Robotic Software, easy to configure
  • Mobile Apps for real-time monitoring

Target Segments

  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Manufacturer
  • Logistic
  • SME Businesses

otomate me

7-Months COMPLIMENTARY Subscription
of OtoWA

A messaging tool perfect for reminders, order confirmations, Covid notices and more. It enables businesses to personalise each interaction with their customers to drive revenue and engagement.

Product Specifications & Key Offerings

  • Subscription to 1 OtoWA Basic Account
  • 4,000 credits
  • Automatically add contacts into your contact list
  • Send personalised 1-to-1 WhatsApp messages and attachments to your contacts effortlessly

Target Segments

  • SME Business Owners (Educators, Retailers, D2C Distibutors, Service Providers)

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  • The JomX Campaign (“Campaign”) is a digitalisation initiative launched by United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Bhd (“UOB”) with the objective to assist local businesses more specifically the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies, in order to manage through the pandemic and build resilience for the years ahead.

  • Seven (7) exclusive complimentary digital solution subscriptions offered through the Campaign are carefully curated to address top digital pain points and priorities highlighted by business owners.

  • Campaign will commence from 25 August 2021 to 25 August 2022 (both dates inclusive), unless otherwise notified by UOB (“Campaign Period”).

  • 200 complimentary digital solution subscriptions will be made available to Eligible Customers on a first-come-first-served basis, subject to terms and conditions.

  • The Campaign will cease once the numbers of participants have reached the maximum limit of 200 Eligible Customers or the expiration of the Campaign Period, whichever earlier.


JomX Campaign

Jom Transform Programme

What is it about?

A campaign which offers tried-and-tested complimentary digital solution subscriptions for Eligible Customers.

An accelerator programme where SMEs are required to attend a series of workshops conducted by industry experts to gain the necessary skills and know-how in specific areas of digital transformation such as business process re-engineering and digital marketing. Participating SMEs will be matched with specially chosen technology providers to pilot innovate and relevant digital solutions.


Time Commitment
Commitment is relatively minimal for JomX Campaign as the complimentary digital solution subscriptions are targeted at businesses that have clearly identified their digital needs and agenda, or do not have enough capabilities or resources to access and effectively use digital instruments.

Monetary Commitment
200 complimentary digital solution subscriptions will be made available to Eligible Customers on a first-come-first-served basis, subject to terms and conditions.

Time Commitment
Jom Transform Programme participants will need to commit a maximum of 2 half-days each week throughout the 7-weeks long programme for live webinars, technology matching events organised by the The FinLab.

Monetary Commitment
The programme is complimentary for UOB customers, attendees are only required to be responsible for their subscription to any solution which they successfully matched with through the programme. For more information, please refer to Jom Transform Programme webpage.

Digital Adoption

JomX participants are well aware of their digital agenda and would be able to allocate resources that aids with the pilot of their desired tech solution upon registering their interest.

Jom Transform Programme participants will be matched with specially-chosen technology partners to pilot innovative and relevant digital solutions.


  • “Reward” shall refer to complimentary digital solution subscription for up to 13 months, to any one of the solution that is provided by Solution Partners, funded by UOB, as stated in Table 1: Reward.

  • “Solution Partners” shall refer to the seven (7) technology solution providers in collaboration with UOB to provide the Reward throughout the Campaign Period – Autocount, Dattel, Designs.AI, Dropee, Exabytes, OrangeFIN Asia and Otomate Me.

Table 1: Reward


To find out more about the Solution Partners, please head over to JomX page.

Kindly click here to register your interest.

  • Participants who meet these Campaign’s Requirements stated in Table 2 (“Eligible Customers”) shall be contacted by email within 10 days and are entitled to only one (1) complimentary digital solution subscription (“Reward”).

Table 2: Eligible Customers

Eligible Customers
New Minimum initial deposit of RM25,000 in UOB Business Current Account.
Existing Average balance of RM25,000 for a period of 3-months in UOB Business Current Account
(Note: Computation of average account balance can be found under Clause 8 of Terms & Conditions for the Campaign.)
  • This Campaign is open to both new and existing UOB Non-Individual customers who maintain a Business Current Account with UOB during the Campaign Period (“Participants”).

  • Participants are required to apply for the Campaign by submitting the sign up form via

  • “Current Account” shall refer to any of the UOB Business Current Account mentioned below:-

    1. Normal Business Current Account
    2. BizCA+
    3. BizMax

  • “Existing Customer” shall refer to any existing Non-Individual customer who maintains any UOB Current Account during the Campaign Period.

  • “New Customer” shall refer to any new Non-Individual customer who opens any UOB Current Account during the Campaign Period.

  • The following Participants shall NOT be eligible to participate in this Campaign: -

    1. the Business Current Account held with UOB are delinquent or unsatisfactorily conducted as determined by UOB;

    2. the Business Current Account held with UOB are terminated or closed during the Campaign Period;

    3. the Participants who are or become mentally unsound, deceased, adjudicated bankrupt (for sole proprietorship, wound up, insolvent (for corporate) or have legal proceedings of any nature instituted against them and/or their company.

  • Each Eligible Customer that subscribed to Exabytes or Dropee’s solution are required to nominate UOB Business Current Account as their primary collection account.

  • “Collection Account” shall refer to the bank account used by Eligible Customer to collect payments from their respective buyer/customers, which are conducted via the e-Commerce and B2B Trading Platform solution provided by Exabytes or Dropee respectively.

  • Each Eligible Customer (for both New and Existing Customer) is limited to only one (1) complimentary digital solution from the Campaign upon fulfilling all the eligible criteria stated herein.

  • The Eligible Customers must agree to: -

    1. allow Solution Partners to disclose the bank account details to UOB reflecting the Business Current Account number during the Campaign Period; and

    2. disclose the Solution Partners transactions details to UOB for verification purposes during the Campaign Period.

  • For New Customers, the minimum initial deposit must be attained using new funds. New funds are funds which are newly transferred (either from other banks or third party bank accounts) and credited to the Business Current Account with no more than 7 business days from Business Current Account’s open date pursuant to the Terms and Conditions.

Please refer to Terms and Conditions for more details.

Yes, as long as your business qualifies for the Eligibility Criteria for the Campaign (refer to No.5).

Please refer Table 1: Reward for the scope of digital solution subscriptions offered through the Campaign.

Each Eligible Customer (for both New and Existing Customer) is limited to only one (1) complimentary digital solution subscription (“Reward”) from the Campaign upon fulfilling all the Eligible Criteria (refer to No.5). However, if you wish to subscribe to more than one digital solution subscription, preferential rates are made available for UOB Customers.

Post On-boarding JomX Campaign

The Solution Partners for the Campaign listed above are solely responsible for their products and services. UOB makes no representation or warranty of any kind with respect to the provision of the products or services for any purpose whatsoever. Please directly contact your respective Solution Partners.

  • Eligible Customers have no obligation to resume the subscription with respective Solution Partner at the end of the complimentary period.

  • However, UOB reserve the right to contact the Eligible Customers during and post-complimentary period of the JomX Campaign, for the purpose of acquiring testimonials and success stories regarding the service provided by respective Solution Partner for marketing purposes.