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How To Use – UOB Infinity Guide

Thank you for choosing UOB Infinity.

3 quick steps to getting started:


Download the
UOB Infinity app

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store to bank on the go.

UOB Infinity App
UOB Infinity App

Activate Infinity Secure (digital token)

Log in to UOB Infinity via the mobile app and follow the instructions to activate Infinity Secure.


Start using
UOB Infinity

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Tutorial Videos

See what’s in store for you on UOB Infinity.

Learn how to customise the dashboard for your convenience.

Learn how to access consolidated account details and download reports with ease.

Learn how easy it is to add new payees and make cross-border payments.

Learn how to authorise payments on the go and track cross-border payments from end-to-end.


Attend our remote training workshops designed to help you started on UOB Infinity. The workshops provide an online, interactive training via Webinar, allowing for 2-way discussion between you and our qualified trainers.

Benefits of Infinity Online Training

Ease of Access Since it is a web-based platform, customers just require a PC/Laptop/Mobile, Google Chrome web browser (version 65 or later) and internet connection.
Convenient & Flexible Online training conducted at customers’ own convenience – at their workstation, or any other preferred locations. They just need to be connected to the internet.
Complimentary The training is complimentary to customers.

How to register for Infinity Online Training?

To register, just follow these 3 simple steps.

Step 1
Click here to select your preferred date & time and register for the online training.
For a quick guide on how to register, click here.

Step 2
You will then receive an email notification with the training link.

Step 3
You can then experience the online training using provided link.
Click here to download a quick guide on how to join the training with the provided link.