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    PRUMy Treasure (This is an insurance product)

    A SINGLE PREMIUM INVESTMENT-LINKED INSURANCE PLAN that matures at age 88 next birthday. This investment-linked insurance policy (ILIP) offers a combination of insurance protection and investment.


You’ve taken a lifetime to build your wealth and achieve what you have today. After years of effort in building your wealth, you want to protect it and make sure your loved ones can enjoy the fruits of your success. Your legacy is a treasure of love for your family. PRUMy Treasure gives you peace of mind knowing your legacy will be passed on to your loved ones should the unfortunate1 happen to you. 

PRUMy Treasure, a gift that your loved ones can treasure.


Grow and accumulate your wealth

PRUMy Treasure provides you with the opportunity to grow your wealth further from potential upsides by investing in professionally managed investment-linked funds. On top of that, Regular Booster Benefit of up to 1.80%2 of single premium (credited into your Basic Unit Account (BUA)) can further grow your account value.

Inheritance maximisation

A way to maximise inheritance to be passed on to your loved ones (of up to 260%3 of your single premium), should the unfortunate1 happen during the policy term. You will have no more worries about providing basic needs for your loved ones, should the unfortunate1 happen during the policy term.

Flexibility to diversify your assets

Flexibility to diversify your fund(s) both locally and globally through our PRULink Funds and/or PRULink Global Funds via single premium top-ups.

Total protection without interruption

Peace of mind knowing that your protection will continue throughout the policy term (i.e. No-Lapse Guarantee4), regardless of market volatility.


1 Death during the policy term (i.e. up to age next birthday (ANB) 88) or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) prior to the Policy Anniversary of ANB 70 of the insured life concerned, whichever is earlier.
2 1.80% Regular Booster Multiplier is based on entry ANB 19 to 40. For more information on Regular Booster Benefit, please refer to Regular Booster Benefit under the Benefits Table tab.
3 260% Basic Sum Assured Multiplier is based on entry ANB 19 to 40. For more information on Basic Sum Assured Multiplier, please refer to Death/Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Benefit under the Benefits Table tab.
4 For more information on No-Lapse Guarantee, please refer to No-Lapse Guarantee Benefit under the Benefits Table tab.

Benefits Table

Death/ Total and
Permanent Disability
In the event of death/TPD1, we will pay the higher of:
i. Basic Sum Assured; or
ii. Value of units in Basic Unit Account (BUA).

On top of that, the value of units in Investment Unit Account (IUA) account value (if any) will be payable as well.

The Basic Sum Assured2 is a fixed percentage, X% of the single premium (excluding single premium top-ups)
paid, subject to underwriting.

Entry ANB 19 to 40 41 to 45 46 to 55 56 to 60 61 to 65 66 to 70
Basic Sum Assured Multiplier, X% 260 240 220 190 160 130
Regular Booster Benefit2

A fixed percentage, Y% of your single premium (excluding single premium top-ups) paid shall be credited into
your BUA, at the end of each policy year until the policy matures. This benefit will
commence after you reach ANB 65 or from the end of your 10th policy year, whichever is later.

Entry ANB 19 to 40 41 to 45 46 to 55 56 to 60 61 to 65 66 to 70
Regular Booster Multiplier, Y% 1.80 1.60 1.40 1.20 1.00 0.80
Maturity Benefit Upon maturity at ANB 88, we will pay you the value of units in BUA (if any) and IUA (if any) in one lump sum.
No-Lapse Guarantee Your policy is guaranteed to be kept in-force until maturity, regardless of the actual investment performance,
thus ensuring you a continuous protection up to the maturity of your policy.


1 Death during the policy term (i.e. up to ANB 88) or TPD prior to the Policy Anniversary of ANB 70 of the insured life concerned, whichever is earlier.
2 For any partial withdrawal from BUA, Death Benefit, TPD Benefit and Regular Booster Benefit will be reduced proportionately based on amount withdrawn from BUA compared to the value of units in BUA before partial withdrawal. The remaining value of units in BUA must have at least RM50,000.



  • Age of Entry: Anyone from ANB 19 to 70, subject to underwriting.


Visit any UOB Malaysia Branch nearest to you.


Underwritten by:


The above plans are underwritten by Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (107655-U). All claims and liabilities arising from the policies should be made with the company.

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Buying life insurance policy is a long-term financial commitment. You should assess the affordability and suitability of the product (including supplementary benefits) that best suits your personal circumstances in relation to your financial goals and risk appetite. To achieve that, we recommend that you speak to your Prudential Representative or UOB Malaysia representative who will perform a needs analysis and assist you in making an informed decision.

Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (PAMB) is a member of Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM). As a member of PIDM, some of the benefits insured under the insurance policies offered by PAMB are protected against loss of part or all of the insurance benefits by PIDM, in the unlikely event of an insurer member failure. For further details of the protection limits and the scope of coverage, please obtain a PIDM information brochure from PAMB or visit the PIDM website or call the PIDM toll free line (1-800-88-1266).