Effective 1 July 2017, credit card payments at point of sale terminals in Malaysia will be authorised with a 6-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).

UOB PIN & PAY Personal Internet Banking

  1. What is PIN?
    A PIN, or Personal Identification Number, is a secret code that is selected by cardholders to prove they are the rightful owner of the payment card. PINs for Malaysian cards have six digits. Your PIN must always be kept a secretand never noted down.

  2. Why is PIN safer than signing?
    PIN usage can help protect against fraud due to lost or stolen cards, because the card and the PIN are required to make a payment. This is why you must always keep your PIN secret.

  1. What is PIN?
    You will be issued a new card because your current card does not support PIN for payment.

  2. Why is PIN safer than signing?
    We will be issuing PIN cards in phases throughout 2016 to replace your current cards. In the meantime, you may continue using your existing card until your new PIN card is received.

  3. I have more than one (1) UOB credit card, will I receive all my cards at the same time?
    You may receive your new PIN cards at different times.

  4. Will I receive my new PIN Supplementary cards together?
    You may receive your new PIN Supplementary cards at different times.

  5. How will the new PIN card be delivered to me?
    Your new PIN card will be delivered to you via normal mail.

  6. What do I need to do when I receive the new PIN card?
    You must follow the instructions in your card mailer, which is to create PIN via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or Personal Internet Banking (PIB). Upon successful PIN creation, your card will be automatically activated. Click here to learn more on how to create PIN.

  7. Can I continue using my signature card after I have received my PIN-enabled card?
    No. All card issuers in Malaysia are required by Bank Negara Malaysia to upgrade payment cards to PIN-enabled cards. Your old card will be deactivated after 60 days. Please activate your new PIN card and obtain a PIN to avoid any disruption to your transactions.

  8. Will my AutoPaybill / Easi Payment Plan / Instalment Payment Plan / UNIRinggit / SMART$ / Balance Transfer / Flexi-Credit Plan and others be affected with the new card issuance?
    There will be no disruptions to the above. The account name, card number and all the above remains the same.

  9. Can I change my PIN?
    Yes, just refer to the steps above via IVR or PIB. Contact us or visit any of our branches for any further inquiry or assistance.

  10. I did not receive the new PIN card. What should I do?
    If you did not receive your PIN card, please contact our Contact Centre at 03 26128 121 or email us at uobcustomerservice@uob.com.my.

  1. How will I know when a PIN is required?
    All you need to do is follow the prompts on the terminal. The payment terminal will determine if PIN is required and if so, it will then ask for a PIN.

  2. How do I make payment at point-of-sale?
    • STEP 1: Insert or tap your card at the terminal.
    • STEP 2: Securely key in your 6-digit PIN when prompted.
    • No signature is required.

  3. What happens if I use my new PIN card at a terminal not supporting PIN?
    In this case, the terminal will process your new PIN card without prompting for PIN, and your signature will be needed for verification.

  4. Will PIN be used to make card transactions through the Internet or over the telephone?
    No. The PIN that you use at point-of-sale terminals or ATMs must never be entered into the Internet or given over the telephone. Your PIN card will have no impact or change to transactions made via the Internet or telephone.

  5. Do I need to enter a PIN whenever I use my card in Malaysia?
    No, not all transactions at point-of-sale terminals will require PIN:
    • Low-value contactless transactions (≤RM250) do not require PIN.
    • Transactions performed at a terminal which does not support PIN.

  6. Is the PIN I use for making purchases the same as the PIN used at ATMs?
    Yes. Each card will only have one PIN that can be used for both cash withdrawals at ATMs and purchases at point-of-sale.

  1. What happens if I enter the wrong PIN?
    You will be allowed several attempts before your PIN is blocked. Limited PIN attempts protect you against the possibility of a criminal using your card. If your PIN becomes blocked, repeat the steps on how to create PIN to get your new PIN.

  2. What happens if I forget my PIN?
    You can create your PIN via Interactive Voice Response or Personal Internet Banking (PIB) with the same steps as above or you can also contact UOB Contact Centre if you require further assistance.

  1. Will I have to enter a PIN when I use my card overseas?
    If you have received a new PIN enabled card and will be travelling overseas, ensure you have a PIN for your card before leaving Malaysia. Those countries that have not yet migrated to PIN will still require that you sign for verification in order to use your card for payment. However, because your new card supports PIN for purchases, some countries may require payment to be completed with a PIN when prompted. If you do not already have a PIN for your card, follow the steps above to create your PIN.

  2. What happens if I travel abroad without a PIN, and I am prompted for a PIN when I make payment with my new PIN card?
    If you travel abroad without a PIN and are prompted for a PIN, please request for the retailer to bypass PIN verification for signature verification. However, we highly encourage you to activate your new card soonest possible as PIN has already been adopted in several countries such as Germany, Australia, and New Zealand.

  3. How do I keep my PIN secure?
    It is very important that you keep your PIN secret so that your card is protected against lost and stolen card fraud. Ensure your PIN is not easy to guess by avoiding numbers that can be associated with you such as significant personal dates (e.g. your birthday or anniversary), telephone number, or driver’s license number. Other measures to keep your PIN safe include:
    • Do not keep a written record of your PIN.
    • Do not allow another person to see your PIN when you enter it or if it is displayed.
    • Do not keep your PIN in a form that can be readily identified as a PIN.
    • Do not disclose your PIN to any other person (including persons in apparent authority, family members or spouse).
    • Do not negligently or recklessly disclose your PIN.
    • Notify us immediately if you become aware that your PIN has become known to someone else.
    • Ensure any supplementary cardholder who are able to access any of your Card Accounts by a PIN keep their PIN secure as set out above.

  1. What happens when I use my credit or debit card at a self-service pump?
    When you use your card at a self-service pump (automated fuel dispenser) at a petrol station, the self-service pump will authorise the fuel transaction before you can start pumping fuel into your vehicle. This is performed by sending a preauthorisation amount on the payment card to your card issuer.

  2. What is a pre-authorisation?
    A pre-authorisation is a temporary hold of a specific amount from the available balance on the payment card. It is used to verify that the card is active and has sufficient available funds prior to dispensing fuel.

  3. What amount will be pre-authorised on my card when using a self-service pump?
    Because the pre-authorisation must happen before the fuel is pumped, the actual amount of fuel pumped is not yet known at the time of the pre-authorisation. The agreed pre-authorisation amount at self-service pumps in Malaysia is set to RM200.

  4. What if the amount of fuel pumped is less than the pre-authorised amount?
    The amount of the pre-authorisation is not a charge and no funds are debited from the card account, but the available balance on the card is temporarily reduced by the pre-authorisation amount. Once you have completed pumping fuel, the actual amount for the fuel dispensed will be sent to your issuing bank. At this point the actual amount will be debited from the card account, and the pre-authorisation amount is cleared. However, this may take 3–4 business days after the fuel was dispensed and the pre-authorisation was generated.

  5. What if my available funds are less than RM200 or if I want to avoid a RM200 hold of funds on my card?
    Customers who want to avoid a pre-authorization at self-service pumps are advised to go to the cashier where the exact purchase amount would be deducted from the cardholder’s account.

  1. I noticed the logo pinnpay-icon on my credit card, what is it for?
    Credit Card carrying the logo allows you to perform payment transactions quicker by just tapping your credit card on the contactless terminals.

  2. How does my contactless card work?
    The logo pinnpay-icon is universal and it indicates the terminal is a contactless reader. Tap your contactless card on the contactless reader when prompted.

  3. What is the limit of contactless transaction amount?
    The limit of contactless transaction amount is capped at RM250 per transaction. If the amount transacted is above RM250, you are required to enter your PIN to complete the transaction.

  4. Could I unknowingly make a purchase if I walk past a contactless reader?
    A contactless card must be very close to the contactless reader at the cashier to work. Your contactless card will only work when the card is within 4cm of the card reader. Furthermore, the reader needs to be enabled by the cashier and this will only happen when the cashier initiates a transaction at the terminal to accept payment. If the contactless reader is not processing a transaction, it will not read any contactless card presented in front of it by mistake.

  5. What happens if I accidentally tap my card twice on the contactless reader?
    The contactless terminal can only process one transaction at a time. Even if the contactless card is accidentally tapped more than once, you will only get billed once for the transaction.

  6. What happens if I have more than one contactless card in my wallet and I tap my wallet on the contactless reader?
    If you hold your card up to a reader and you have any other contactless payment cards nearby, the reader might detect more than one card and won’t complete the payment. You will need to initiate the transaction again. You should make sure you only hold one card on the reader and always take it out of your wallet.

  7. What if a fraudster reads my card by placing a contactless reader close to my wallet?
    Safeguards are in place to prevent unauthorised use of the intercepted card security details. Each contactless transaction includes a unique code that changes with each purchase, which can only be used once and can only be generated by the chip in the original contactless card, and prevents a counterfeit card from being produced from the intercepted card security details. You must notify us immediately or as soon as reasonably possible of any unauthorised card use or any suspicious activities.

  8. Could a fraudster steal my card and use it to empty my bank account?
    Safeguards are in place to mitigate the use of a lost or stolen contactless card by a fraudster. There is a low contactless transaction limit of RM250, above which the transaction cannot be authorised without cardholder verification – PIN or signature verification. You must notify us immediately or as soon as reasonably possible of any unauthorized card use or any suspicious activities.

  9. I do not wish to have the contactless function on my card, can I disable it?
    Yes. Customer can call us to request to unable the function.

Cardholder must take all reasonable precautions to prevent the card and the card number, the PIN, password or any other security details for the card or account (the “card security details”) from being misused or being used to commit fraud. These precautions include:

  • sign the card as soon as it is received and comply with any security instructions;
  • protect the card, the PIN, and any card security details;
  • do not allow anyone else to have or use the card;
  • destroy any notification of the PIN and of any card security details;
  • do not write down the PIN or the card security details nor disclose them to anyone else including the police and/or our staff;
  • do not allow another person to see your PIN when you enter it or it is displayed;
  • do not tamper with the card;
  • regularly check that you still have your card;
  • keep card receipts securely and dispose of them carefully;
  • contact us about any suspicious matter or problem regarding the use of the card at a terminal; and
  • check your statements regularly and report any suspicious activities immediately.

You must notify us immediately if:

  • your card is lost or stolen; or
  • your PIN may have been disclosed / compromised; or
  • your card is retained by an ATM; or
  • your address or contact details have changed.

You must select or change your PIN to a number selected by you, before the PIN can be used for transactions. Your selected PIN must be one designed to reduce the chance of anybody guessing the numbers you selected. You must avoid unsuitable PINs such as:

  • birth dates, months or years in any form or combination;
  • sequential numbers (such as 345678) and easily identifiable number combinations (such as 111111);
  • any of the blocks of numbers printed on your card;
  • other easily accessible personal numbers such as parts of personal telephone numbers, identity card number, or
  • other personal data.

Effective 1 July 2017, credit card payments at point of sale terminals in Malaysia will be authorised with a 6-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).


Please contact the following number(s) for merchant support:

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