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Privilege Account
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An exclusive product for the exclusive few.

The UOB Privilege Account is a chequeing account that rewards you by recognising your total banking relationship with us. The combined prevailing market value of your portfolio of deposits and investments1 with UOB will earn you premium interest rates on the balance in your UOB Privilege Account. The more wealth you accumulate with UOB, the better your returns. You may even link your joint accounts2 to increase your total assets with UOB Privilege Account, hence stepping up your potential gains.

Be rewarded with up to 1.80% p.a. in interest earnings

The UOB Privilege Account rewards select clients like yourself with a higher interest rate when you consolidate your portfolio of deposits and investments1 with UOB. The more wealth you consolidate with us, you will be entitled to higher interest rates.

Enjoy the following premium interest rates with UOB Privilege Account:

UOB Privilege Account Premium Interest Rates (% p.a.).

Asset Under Management (AUM)
Nominal Rate (%P.A)*
Up to RM100,000
Up to RM300,000
Up to RM800,000
Up to RM3,500,000
Up to RM10,000,000
Above RM10,000,000

* Privilege Account Rates with effect from 8/7/2020.

Consolidate your wealth now.

Consolidate your deposits and investments1 , including those of your loved ones2 with UOB and discover how rewarding it can be. Sign up for UOB Privilege Account now and start enjoying premium interest rates today. With UOB Privilege Account, you will also experience a world of other exclusive privileges.

To discover how UOB Privilege Banking can make your money work harder for you, call your Privilege Concierge at 1800 88 9833 or visit any of our UOB Privilege Banking Centres.


1 Deposits & investments includes savings, current and fixed deposit accounts, selected structured investments and unit trusts (or such deposits and investments as UOB may decide from time to time).

2 Account belonging to a different entity can also be linked to the Privilege Account provided that the account owner is also the owner of the Privilege Account.

You can view the full terms & conditions here or obtain it from any UOB Privilege Banking Centre.

UOB Privilege Account is exclusive for UOB Privilege Banking clients. The minimum deposit amount to open an account is RM5,000. Eligible products included in the computation of assets under management are listed in UOB Privilege Account Product Disclosure Sheet.

For more information, please call our Privilege Concierge at 1800 88 9833 or visit your nearest UOB Privilege Banking Centre today.

Privilege Account is protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor. For further information, please log on to

Contact Us

Call 1800 88 9833

To qualify for UOB Privilege Banking, clients need to maintain a minimum balance of MYR500,000 in deposits and/or investment with us.

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