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UOB Internet Banking Security Technology

We understand the concerns on security from customers when they transact over the Internet. We have therefore built a security system for online banking that safeguards the confidentiality of our customers' account information and their banking and other transactions.

We employ several different methods to protect customers' account and personal information:

1. Firewalls

We have, in place, multiple levels of firewalls between our internal computer systems and the Internet.

2. Encryption

Strong encryption protects customer information as it travels over the Internet. We use the 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to protect the confidentiality of customers' account details and transaction data. This 128-bit SSL encryption is the commercially available security protocol for encrypting or scrambling data transmitted over the Internet. It is also currently recognised internationally to be of the highest standard in encryption technology commercially available and is generally adopted by banks and financial institutions worldwide.

3. Access ID/PIN/User ID and Password

Only your valid Access ID/PIN/User ID and Password, which identify you uniquely, will allow you to log in to our secure website(s). This ensures that messages from authorised users only are admitted into our secure site(s).

4. Technology Devices

UOB may, from time to time, issue Devices and/or establish security procedures that you may need to execute in order to use certain UOB Internet Banking services related to the Devices.

You may use the Devices (whether or not in conjunction with the Access ID/PIN/User ID and/or Password or otherwise):

  • To initiate, effect, perform and/or dispatch any instruction or any communication to UOB;
  • To obtain or utilize any service that may be offered or made available by UOB through the Website or UOB Internet Banking service;
  • To access and obtain information as may be permitted by UOB (whether relating to your Account(s), service or otherwise); and
  • To effect any transaction with UOB as may be made available by UOB, subject to the terms of UOB Internet Banking Terms and Conditions and to other restrictions, limitations, terms and conditions of UOB then applicable.

You are responsible to prevent unauthorized use of the Devices issued by UOB or procured by you for use of UOB Internet Banking.

Do not disclose the serial number of the Device to anyone.

You shall retain the Device at all times and shall not permit any other person to have access to or to use the Devices issued or provided by UOB.

In the event of any loss or unauthorized use of the Devices, or if you suspect that the Devices have been stolen, misused or tampered with, you are obliged to inform UOB within twenty-four (24) hours of such occurrence/occurrences.

Failure to do so will render you solely liable for any loss or damage arising from such theft, misuse or tampering.

5. Automatic Log Out

As an additional security measure, our system may log you out of your Internet session if there is no activity after a specific period.

We are committed to constantly monitor our Internet security system for potential situations that could compromise the security or the privacy of our customers. In addition, we are committed to continuously explore new technology to enhance our Internet security system.

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