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PRUmy kid
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Your child deserves only the best from the moment your child is formed in the womb. We understand that you want to protect and provide your child with the best opportunities in life. PRUmy kid helps you put your plans into action, even before your child is born.

With PRUmy kid, your child will benefit from the protection that begins from childhood right through to adulthood. Best of all, you can also save and invest for your child�s education.

PRUmy kid helps take care of what is most important to you � your child.

Upon Death

For your child - In the event of death, the following will be payable:

Pre-birth and up to 30 days from birth of child - Maximum (total premiums paid, value of units in the account)
Above 30 days from birth of child - Sum assured plus value of units in the account

Upon Total & Permanent Disability (TPD)

In the event of TPD of your child before the age of 70 years on the next birthday (n.b.), the sum assured is payable. Please refer to the Sales Illustration for the definitions of TPD.

Maturity Benefit

Value of units in the account is payable upon maturity of the policy.

Upon Surrender of Policy

Value of units in the account upon surrender of the policy.

Contact Us

Call 1800 88 9833

To qualify for UOB Privilege Banking, clients need to maintain a minimum balance of MYR500,000 in deposits and/or investment with us.

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