Foreign Exchange

We offer you foreign exchange services on spot, forward and swap basis to meet your trading needs and funding requirements.



  • Enjoy competitive rates for a wide range of foreign currencies and the ability to hedge your foreign exchange exposures
  • Secure/book Foreign Exchange (FX) rates in advance from a suite of more than 20 currencies (Malaysian Ringgit and other Currencies)
  • Corporates with less exposures can enjoy hedging benefits with a smaller contract size


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Value Date
Value date refers to the date on which actual exchange of funds i.e. payment/receipt takes place. Funds can only be used when they are credited with "good value". Foreign Exchange (FX) rates are generally quoted on a spot basis.

Spot Transactions
An FX spot transaction is a deal in which you and us agree to exchange agreed-upon amounts of two different currencies at an agreed exchange rate for settlement in 2 business days. Spot rates can be adjusted to provide for transactions taking place today or tomorrow. These transactions are known as "Value Today" or "Value Tomorrow".

Forward Transactions
A forward transaction is an agreement between you and us, which is agreed today, to exchange agreed-upon amounts of two different currencies at an agreed-upon rate/price for delivery on an agreed future date.

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