Recurring Payment

Our Merchant Services also offers a platform for payments of recurring bills. Typical examples of such recurring payments include payment of insurance premiums, telephone bills, subscriptions, rental fees and many more. To ease the hassle of paying recurring bills, you may grant a "one-time" written permission/ instruction to us to charge to your credit card accounts to settle your bills. Under this arrangement, the recurring bills are automatically paid under card-absence environment and the credit card account will be updated accordingly.


  • Our Recurring Payment Services include:
      1. Providing data interface to integrate your business with our system and enabling the design of the Payment Instruction Form. You can also discuss with UOB for a specially designed interface that suit your needs.
      2. Reimbursing payment of Credit Card Transactions via UOB Bankers Cheque or by direct credit to your UOB bank account.
  • We presently provides Recurring Merchant Services to the following sectors:
      • Insurance Companies
      • Telecommunications
      • Clubs
      • Condominium Management Offices
      • Magazine Subscriptions


  • Documentation Required
      • Completed UOB Merchant Application Form
      • Form 24 (Return on Shareholders)
      • Form 49 (Return on Directors)
      • Form 9 (Certificate of Incorporation)
      • Form 13 (Change of Co. Name), where necessary
      • Memorandum & Articles of Association
      • Three (3) months Bank Statement
      • Business Profile write-up
      • 2 Photos of the Business premises (facade with signage and interior with stocks)

More Information

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