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Pre On-boarding

What is the Smart Logistics Initiative about?

  • The Smart Logistics Initiative is launched by United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Bhd (“UOB”) and aims to assist local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the logistics industry to streamline their business processes through providing advice and facilitation on banking facilities and tailored complimentary digital solutions which help to address common pain points and priorities highlighted by business owners in the logistics industry.
  • Five (5) exclusive complimentary digital solutions offered through the Initiative are carefully curated in partnership with various Solution Partners.
  • “Solution Partners” shall refer to the five (5) technology solution providers in collaboration with UOB to provide the digital solutions throughout the Campaign Period – ASolute, AutoCount, MyWave, OrangeFIN Asia and SealNet.
  • Banking facilities stated in Table 1 (“Banking Facilities”) and complimentary digital solutions stated in Table 2 (“Rewards”) are made available with different sets of eligibility criteria due to nature of products.
  • Complimentary digital solutions (“Rewards Campaign”) will be made available on a first-come-first-served basis, subject to terms and conditions.
  • The Rewards Campaign will commence from 1st September 2022 to 1st September 2023 (both dates inclusive), unless otherwise notified by UOB (“Rewards Campaign Period”).

The Initiative offers a range of banking products and services to meet your business’ needs as per Table 1: Banking Facilities.

Table 1: Banking Facilities

Banking Facilities
Product Name Key Benefits
Cash Management Solutions Be control of your banking accounts by having access to real-time information on your account activities, balances and account statements.
Invoice Financing Settle payment obligations promptly, improve business's cash flow.
BizMoney Gain access up to RM1Mil of funds with no collateral and at competitive interest rates.
Workplace Banking
Greater employee benefits which include savings account designed based on employees’ saving needs.
Trade Finance Solutions Pre-arranged facilities to enable business to improve cash flow. This include Letter of Credit, Financial Guarantee, Banker’s Acceptance and many more.

  • There are a total of five (5) Solution Partners offering digital solutions available through the Initiative, of which one will be complimentary (“Reward”).
  • The Rewards Campaign includes a “Reward” which shall refer to a complimentary digital solution subscription valid for various periods, to any one of the digital solutions that is provided by Solution Partners, funded by UOB as per Table 2: Rewards.

Table 2: Rewards

Solution Partners Details of Digital Solutions Complimentary Subscription Period
ASolute Full suite of Integrated Logistics Management System that automate logistic processes for better productivity, efficiency and insights for informed decision makings. 3 months (worth RM9,000)
AutoCount Cloud accounting system which handle account, sales, purchase and stock control for informative reporting and better decision making. 12 months (worth RM2,290)
MyWave Cloud HR Management & Payroll System which helps companies to establish excellent process while manage their human capital on real time basis. 10 months (worth RM5,250)
OrangeFIN Asia Software robotic resources which help businesses on manual and repetitive tasks. 3 months (worth RM5,500)
SealNet One-Stop Global Digital Trade and Logistic Cloud Platform for submission of cargo declaration and manifest to relevant authorities. 6 months (worth RM900)

  1. Customers who meet the Requirements stated in Table 3 (“Eligible Customers”) shall be entitled to only one (1) complimentary subscription of digital solutions stated in Table 2 (“Rewards”).

    Table 3: Eligible Customers
    Eligible Customers
    New Minimum initial deposit of RM25,000 in UOB Business Current Account.
    Existing Average balance of RM25,000 for a period of 3-months in UOB Business Current Account.
    (Note: Computation of average account balance can be found under Clause 8 of Terms & Conditions)
  2. Customers will be notified on application status via email within ten (10) business days upon submission.
  3. Customers are also eligible to receive preferential rates on digital solutions apart from the five (5) Solution Partners as mentioned in Table 2: Rewards.
  4. Customers that wish to continue their subscription after the complimentary period will also get to enjoy preferential pricing thereafter.

  1. Eligible shall be entitled to only one (1) complimentary subscription of digital solutions stated in Table 2 (“Rewards”).
  2. Customers who wish to subscribe to more than one (1) digital solution stated in Table 2 (“Rewards”) shall bare the cost on their own; however, preferential rates are made available for Eligible Customers.
  3. Eligible will also be eligible to enjoy preferential pricing after the end of their complimentary subscription period, should they wish to continue their

Please refer to Table 2: Rewards for the scope of digital solution subscriptions offered through the Initiative.

  1. Each Eligible Customer (for both New and Existing Customer) is limited to only one (1) complimentary digital solution subscription (“Reward”) from Table 2: Rewards upon fulfilling all the Eligible Criteria (refer to No. 3, Table 3).
  2. If you wish to subscribe to more than one digital solution subscription, preferential rates are made available for UOB Customers.

Please send us your enquiries through myfei@uob.com.my.

Post On-boarding

The Solution Partners for the Initiative listed above are solely responsible for their products and services. UOB makes no representation or warranty of any kind with respect to the provision of the products or services for any purpose whatsoever. Please directly contact your respective Solution Partners.

  • Customers have no obligation to resume the subscription with respective Solution Partner at the end of the complimentary period.
  • However, UOB reserves the right to contact the Customers during and post-complimentary period of the Rewards Campaign, for the purpose of acquiring testimonials and success stories regarding the service provided by respective Solution Partner for marketing purposes.

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