Short-Term Structured Investments

    Short-Term Investments are structured products which mature over a short period of time. They help you capitalize on market opportunities that may arise.


    Dual Currency Investments (DCI), Autocallable Structured Investment (ACE)

    These are the non-principal guaranteed structured products which give you fixed returns that are higher than conventional deposits. Your principal is subject to the performance of the underlying and you are exposed to market risks. For DCI, the underlying is usually a basket of listed equities.



    Long-Term Structured Investments

    Investments you hold for a longer period of time, typically for more than a year. These assets may help stabilise your portfolio through diversification.


    Principal Guaranteed Structured Products

    Gives you the potential to earn returns higher than conventional deposits, with your principal guaranteed upon maturity. Your returns are subject to the performance of the underlying. The underlyings include interest rates, currencies, listed equities and exchange traded funds depending on market opportunities.


    Unit Trust

    They are essentially collective investment plans which invest into bonds, equities, commodities and currencies.


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