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A unique approach to wealth that puts you first

We recognise the importance of balancing risks and returns.

Our unique Risk-First Approach ensures that you understand your risk appetite as the starting point in your wealth journey. This means we first identify how much risk you are able and willing to take, before considering the returns you would like to achieve. This way, you avoid taking excessive risks in your journey towards your financial goals.

Our Risk-First Approach

The first step in wealth planning is to Protect the wealth you have worked hard to accumulate. Knowing you and your loved ones are protected then gives you peace of mind to Build and Enhance your wealth with the appropriate asset allocation.

As you progress in life, your needs and goals will evolve, and so should your wealth plan. We help you review your insurance and investment portfolios periodically, and we complete an updated risk assessment when needed.

Core and Tactical asset allocations

Based on your Client Risk Profile (CRP), we apply Core and Tactical asset allocation strategies and help you build your wealth portfolio according to how much risk you are comfortable taking.

Core allocations tend to be of lower risk and are designed to help you progress towards your long-term goals. By nature, they are held through market cycles and can provide regular income. They tend to be diversified across asset classes, sectors and regions.

Tactical allocations focus on capturing targeted short-term opportunities. These aim for capital growth but can also incorporate income strategies.

Manage your wealth the way it suits you

Our Relationship Managers are equipped with award-winning digital tools to serve you with tailored advice if you prefer to meet face to face. Our wide range of wealth solutions and timely insights are available digitally for you to access whenever and wherever you wish.

We strive to provide a seamless experience, as we work together with you to help you achieve your wealth goals sustainably.

UOB Portfolio Advisory Tools

Portfolio Tracker

Portfolio Tracker

Get a holistic overview of your portfolio and its exposure across asset classes, currencies, geographies, risk levels and more.

Portfolio Insights

Portfolio Insights

Get insights on projected risks and returns of your wealth holdings, based on historical market data and simulate how well your portfolio can withstand market conditions.


Portfolio Explorer

Design a simulated portfolio with our Portfolio Explorer Tool. Stress-test allocations with historical data for informed decisions based on your risk appetite.

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