Wealth Premium Account

    Besides providing you with convenient access to your funds, the Wealth Premium Account is an interest bearing chequeing account exclusively designed for you. It allows you to earn higher interest rates by taking into consideration your total banking relationship with us.

    Earn Higher Interest Rates with Wealth Premium Account
    Assets Under Management (AUM)
    Nominal Rate (%P.A)
    Up to RM50,000
    Up to RM100,000
    Up to RM150,000
    Up to RM200,000
    Up to RM250,000
    Above RM250,000


    Customer has RM200,000 in Wealth Premium Account, RM50,000 in Fixed Deposit and RM10,000 in Unit Trust.
    Total Customer AUM1 = RM260,000
    Enjoy Interest Rate of 1.55% p.a.

    Total interest earned in Wealth Premium Account2
    = RM195,000 x 1.55%p.a.

    = RM3,022.50


    1 Assets Under Management (AUM) refers to deposits and investments which include savings, current and fixed deposit accounts, selected structured investments and unit trusts (or such deposits and investments as UOB may decide from time to time).
    2 Interest is paid on balances exceeding RM5,000 in Wealth Premium Account. The illustration above on the AUM and Wealth Premium Account is based on the assumption that the account is consistently maintained for 1 year.


    Terms and Conditions: ENG | BM
    Wealth Premium Account is protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor.

    Member of PIDM.