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    Improve cash flow with a comprehensive suite of export solutions


Documentary Credits

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Electronic advice of Letter of Credit (e-LC)

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Packing Credit/ Export Loan

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All export Letters of Credit (LC) are authenticated before advising the exporter to give you that peace of mind to concentrate on your export manufacturing.

Now, you no longer need to wait for the hard copy LC to start preparing your trade documents. With e-LC, a softcopy of your inward Letter of Credit will be sent directly to your nominated e-mail address. It is encrypted and password protected so you can be assured that the e-mail sent to you is secured. Besides providing an alternative & efficient means of receiving LC and LC amendments, it also enhances accuracy when preparing export documents where you can cut and paste relevant LC text onto your trade documents. This increases efficiency and convenience in sending relevant information to other parties (e.g. shipping and insurance companies).


Pre-shipment working capital financing provides you with the facilities to ease your cash flow and finance your working capital while you fulfils your order.

Documentary Collections

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Bills of Exchange Purchased

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Credit Bills Purchased

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Provides you with a flexible and cost-effective way of managing your collection (D/A - documents against acceptance or D/P - documents against payment) while retaining some control over your documents. We will monitor the status and the collection of payments for you.


Arrangements can be made to provide an advance to bridge your financing requirements while DA/DP documents are being sent on a collection basis. A pre-approved facility is required for this service.

Facility can be arranged for same day crediting of proceeds to the exporter for negotiation of compliant shipping documents under the exporter's Documentary Credits. To further ease the exporter's cash flow, special consideration may be arranged for documents that fall short of the requirements.

Export Credit Refinancing Pre-Shipment

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Export Credit Refinancing Post-Shipment

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Bank Guarantee

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Facilities for financing the working capital requirements of the exporter.


Facilities for financing of usance exports.

This is usually a written undertaking issued by a bank at a customer's request in favour of a third party (the beneficiary) guaranteeing payment in case of default. We can support your business by providing performance bonds or financial guarantees to your beneficiaries. Such guarantees, being part of contracts for exporting goods and services may be used to guarantee a contractor's / builder's obligation in the construction industry.

X'press Guarantee

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Standby Letter of Credit

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Structured Financing

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The functionality is the same as a Bank Guarantee. It is a purchase of a Bank Guarantee instrument in exchange for cash. No Bank Guarantee facility or line is required. It is available to all companies incorporated in Malaysia and maintaining a current account with UOB Malaysia. You can purchase them in major currencies.

A fast growing financial instrument locally and globally. Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) falls under the ambit of Uniform Customs & Practice for Documentary Credits (ICC Publication 600 or International Standby Practices 1998 / ISP98) both being internationally accepted set of rules and regulations governing SBLCs. It provides a measure of protection to customers who prefer SBLC.


We can structure and customize your special trade financing needs to cater for a Special Project you may have been awarded with. You can also utilize our trade finance services to better manage your cash flow or for working capital requirements.


UOB Click & Track

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An on-line tracking system generally meant for tracking of export bills such as Negotiation Bills (NG), Bills Purchased (BP), Outward Bills under Documentary Collections (OB) and Outward Bills under Documentary Credits (BC), going out to the importer's bank using UOB export bills reference number instead of using airway bill number via UOB Business Internet Banking.


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All businesses incorporated in Malaysia are eligible to apply for UOB Trade Services. To apply, visit any UOBM branch to find out how we can structure trade facilities for you.