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Let us fund your new purchase of commercial property or help you to refinance your existing ones with our commercial property loan.

Let’s grow your business together with our commercial property loan

Loan tenure of up to 30 years

Loan tenure of up to 30 years

You have the option of taking up to 30 years to service the property loan in monthly instalments.

Margin up to 95%

Margin up to 100%

High Loan quantum of up to 100% of property’s purchase price with legal fee and insurance financing.

No processing fees

No processing fees

No processing fee for SME customer.

Plan your property loan
Tell us about your property.
If you rent
Monthly rent (MYR, up to 100mil) info
Expected rental tenure (0–99 years) info
If you buy
Purchase price (MYR, up to 100mil) info
Interest rate (1–5%) info
Loan tenure (0–30 years)

Buying is better than renting over 25 years.

You’ll be saving MYR 1,302,452 based on your input.

Calculation Breakdown
Calculation Assumptions
Market Forecast
Property Price Growth
Rental Growth
Opportunity Cost of investment
Purchase/Sale Fees
GST Payable
Agent Fees
Legal Fees
Other Rental Costs
Agent Fee 2 months rent
Security Deposit 2 months rent
Maintenance Fees
Initial Fit-out info
Annual maintenance costs
Monthly Facilities Fees

What is the value of your property?

Loan Amount (MYR)

Max. 90% of purchase price for operating companies

My business is an investment holding company.

Loan Tenure (5–30 years)

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