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Receivables Solutions

Receivables Solutions

Managing your receivables to save your time and effort.

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Local Receivables

DuitNow QR

Receive payments instantly from other banks and e-wallets.

  • Cashless receivable solution, only 1 Single QR code needed
  • Simple, fast and secure payment & collection
  • Easy reconciliation
Local Receivables

Merchant Services Solution

A suite of payment acceptance services that is cost effective and compatible which enables your retail payment acceptance through POS Terminals, Payment Gateway and Recurring Payment Services.

  • Comprehensive payment acceptance channels through Mastercard, Visa, UnionPay, MyDebit, DuitNow QR and e-Wallets
  • Seamless and secured online payment solutions for e-commerce or online merchants
  • Recurring Payment Services that allow merchants to store payment details (also known as Credential on File or COF) and tokenization
  • 24 hours Authorisation Service and Technical Support Helpdesk
Local Receivables

Direct Debit

Take greater control of your collection of recurring payments.

  • Cost effective collection methods
  • Ease of reconciliation
  • Collect from more than 22 banks nationwide
Local Receivables

UOB Virtual Account Services

Streamline and automate your account receivables reconciliation.

  • Quickly identify your payers and inward payments
  • Supports multiple payment types
  • Supports multiple currencies

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