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Payables Solutions

Payables Solutions

Payables management made easy.

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Local Payments


Transfer and receive funds instantly with DuitNow via UOB BIBPlus.

  • Transfer and receive funds instantly
  • Available 24x7
  • High transfer limit
  • Enjoy zero transaction fee. Valid until 31 December 2022 and subject to daily transfer limit
  • You can set future and recurring fund transfers
  • Safe and reliable
Local Payments

Interbank GIRO

Convenient electronic payments to suppliers and vendors.

  • Make payments to other bank accounts easily
  • Convenient transfers via UOB BIBPlus or host-to-host solution
  • 20 financial institutions in Interbank GIRO, with a combined network of over 2,000 locations in Malaysia
Bulk Payments

Bulk Services

The solution for issuing multiple payments through a single instruction.

  • Make multiple payments easily and efficiently
  • Payment files can be sent to UOB via UOB BIBPlus (digital banking for business) or host-to-host solution
  • Send payment securely
Bulk Payments

Payroll Services

Digitalise staff salary payment with easy, secure solution.

  • Save time and money
  • Keep documents compliant and confidential
  • Direct file upload from HR system or manual input with templates
Overseas Payments

Telegraphic Transfers

Send payments securely to beneficiaries overseas.

  • Pay in a wide range of remittance currencies
  • Enjoy peace of mind with payment notification via eAlert

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