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From guarding against unforeseen accidents or losses, to protecting your most important asset- your employees, we are here to offer you comprehensive solutions for your business.
Keyman Protection

Keyman Protection

A business Key Person is considered very important to the company and loss of such person could cause considerable damage to the company’s financial future. Find out how you can cover your business and ensure business continuity.

Business Loan Protection

Business Loan Protection

Ensure credit obligations are insured against Total and Permanent Disability and/or Death of life insured and that the burden does not rest with the life of insured's estate and or business partners.

General Insurance

General Insurance

The comprehensive coverage that you need.

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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

The heart of every successful business is its most important asset – your people.

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We offer comprehensive protection for various business sectors, whether it is for your company assets, company employees, or covering business risks.

  • Fire & Property
  • Marine
  • Engineering & Machines
  • Workers & Employees
  • Group PA
  • Package policy
  • Liability

We offer solution to caring for the wellbeing of your employees.

Protect your company’s greatest assets and together, you can move your company towards greater success.


Top Advantages of Employee Benefits

  • Tax Advantage
  • Eased P/L Budgeting
  • Talent Retention


Group Term Life (GTL), Group Hospitalisation & Surgical (GHS)

  • Choose from 6 different Basic Plans, with optional riders;
  • Or combine both GTL and GHS for a Comprehensive Package

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