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About the UOB TMRW BIZBETA app

Meet the new UOB TMRW BIZBETA app. It’s digital, adaptive, and personalised, built with more features to help you stay on top of your business effortlessly. Now you can perform beyond banking transactions securely, all at your fingertips.

Features in the new TMRW BIZBETA app

Transact with ease

Bank on-the-go

Perform your banking transactions securely on UOB TMRW BIZBETA app. With UOB Infinity integrated in the app, you can login with your Infinity Secure (digital token) to complete your business banking transactions effortlessly.

Make and approve transactions

Make and approve transactions conveniently, wherever you are.

Get in touch

Browse any products or services from your app. Access shortcuts to the most popular business accounts and loans to help you kickstart your applications quickly and easily.

Secure FX rates

With our FX solution, you'll never have to miss out on good exchange rates anymore. Tap on a suite of tools designed to make FX trading simpler and faster.

FX Watchlist

FX Watchlist

Create a watchlist of your favourite currencies.


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FX Alerts

FX Alerts

Be notified when your set currency reaches your desired rate.


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Digitalise your business

UOB SmartBusiness

Digitalise your business

Introducing UOB SmartBusiness

Introducing UOB SmartBusiness
Manage end-to-end business activities with a program of business management solutions

Different needs, different solutions

Different needs, different solutions
From accounting, to digital marketing, HR & payroll, POS, and more

Go Digital

Go Digital
Apply for SME Digitalisation Initiative Grant. Save up to RM5,000 or 50% off the subscription price. Terms and conditions apply


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Stay on top of your business with the UOB TMRW BIZBETA app

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