Financial Supply Chain Management

Manage funding at ease and mitigate risk to ensure stability of your financial supply chain and grow your distribution network.


  • Access and view a summary of your Payables and/or Receivables transactions.
  • View transaction status and exchange/validate your documents.
my task

Track outstanding tasks easily and manage the following:

My Drafts
  • View your saved transactions, which can be edited and re-submitted for processing
Pending Activities
  • View your pending transactions
  • Access two types of requests — transactions and file uploads
  • View drafts or files pending authorisation and rejected transaction requests.
Rejected Transactions
  • View records manually rejected by the Checker or automatically rejected by the system due to validation errors
  • Transactions rejected by the Checker can be edited and re-submitted for processing
report generation

Reconcile and manage your transactions more efficiently.

  • Quick snapshot of your key data points and transaction statuses
  • Ease of navigation and customisable reports
  • Faster way to select multiple records with the same due date, program ID, etc.
  • Enable records extraction for a consolidated view of your transaction in various formats: XLS, PDF, CSV and RTF
advice generation

Generate your advices and track the entire financing flow in real-time.

Types of Reports Available
  1. Debit and credit advice
  2. Charge advice
  3. MT 103 and MT 202

Manage your alerts and notifications on a single platform.

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my task
report generation

Key Features

Personalised Experience – Digital Business Banking

Comprehensive Product Solutions

End-to-end FSCM product solutions from Supplier Finance to Distributor Finance

Efficient – Digital Business Banking

Digital Transaction

Digitalisation of transaction flow and documents offers both buyer and seller a one-stop service to exchange documents and raise finance requests more efficiently

Easy to use – Digital Business Banking

Live Updates of Transactions

Real-time updates of transaction statuses, from submission to disbursement

Increased Visibility – Digital Business Banking

Multiple Channel Support

Supports trade document uploads through multiple channels (e.g. UOB Infinity FSCM, Host to Host), which makes auto financing or selective financing possible

Convenient – Digital Business Banking

Transaction Flow

Finances trade flow based on underlying trade documents (e.g. purchase order, invoice) and enables conversion from Pre-shipment to Post-shipment financing

Secured – Digital Business Banking

Supplier/Spoke Onboarding

An online self-onboarding portal that facilitates the submission of KYC documents to provide a more seamless onboarding process

UOB Infinity – Business Internet Banking Platform and Dashboard

Customisable Solutions

Personalised Experience – Digital Business Banking

Supplier Finance

Enables your suppliers to access cost-effective funding in the procurement process to fulfil their working capital requirements.

Easy to use – Digital Business Banking

Accounts Receivable Purchase

Enables you to generate flexible cash flow and potential off-balance sheet treatment for your receivables.

Efficient – Digital Business Banking

Distributor Finance

Provides competitive financing to your distribution network; enabling your distributors to grow their business.

For registration of interest in FSCM:

  • Please contact your Trade Sales Manager, Relationship Manager, or Client Fulfilment Services (CFS).
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