List of PIDM Insured Deposit

  • PIDM Deposit Insurance

    Protecting your funds

Deposit insurance is a system that is established by the Government to protect depositors against the loss of their insured deposits placed with banks in the unlikely event of a bank failure. The deposit insurance system also aims to enhance the consumer protection framework and promote financial system stability. 

The deposit insurance system in Malaysia was launched in September 2005 and is administered by Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM). PIDM is a Government agency established under the Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corporation Act 2005. 

With the introduction of a deposit insurance system in Malaysia, depositors receive protection for their deposits with banks and/or financial institutions. Depositors will know how and when reimbursement of their deposits will be made in the event of a bank failure. 

The following are deposit accounts held by or for an individual, company or NGO which will be insured up to the limits specified in the Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corporation Act 2005.


Product Name Shariah Contract (s) Deposit Type Currency

Product Code

Basic Current Account-i Qard

Demand Deposit

Ringgit 0226IR0100200001
Basic Savings Account-i Qard Savings Deposit Ringgit 0226IR0200200001
Current Account-i Qard Demand Deposit Ringgit 0226IR0100200002
Current Account-i Tawarruq Demand Deposit Ringgit 0226IR0100400002
Non-Chequeing Acct-i Tawarruq Demand Deposit Ringgit 0226IR0100400001
FD Plus-i Tawarruq Fixed Deposit Ringgit 0226IR0300400001
Investment FCA-i Tawarruq Demand Deposit Foreign 0226IF0100400002
Islamic Fixed Deposit-i Tawarruq Fixed Deposit Ringgit & Foreign 0226IM0300400001
Money Market Deposit-i Tawarruq Short Term Deposit Ringgit & Foreign 0226IM0700400001
Trade FCA-i Tawarruq Demand Deposit Foreign 0226IF0100400001
ProSave Account-i Tawarruq Savings Deposit Ringgit 0226IR0200400001