UOB Infinity Guides

Moving from BIBPlus to Infinity

Moving from BIBPlus to Infinity - Payment Authoriser / Administrator Download
Moving from BIBPlus to Infinity – Payment Maker Download

UOB Infinity Quick Guide

Login to UOB Infinity & Activating Infinity Secure Download

UOB Infinity User Guides

Getting Started Download
Infinity Secure (Digital Token) Download
UOB Infinity Mobile App Download
Admin and Services Download
User Management Download
Approval Status Download
Bulk DuitNow Download
Bulk Payments Download
DuitNow Collections Download
DuitNow QR Merchant Name Update Download
DuitNow QR Multiple Outlets DuitNow QR Codes Creation Download
DuitNow QR Registration & Activation Download
DuitNow QR Transaction Inquiry & Report Download Download
EPF Late Payment Charge & Dividend Download
Merchant ID Linkage Download
Payment to UOB Credit Card Download
Pre-Approved Payees Download
Retrieving MT103 Acknowledgement Copy Download
Single Payments Download
SWIFT gpi Credit Confirmation Report Download
Track Payments – SWIFT gpi Download
Transferring Funds Between FCY MYR Accounts Download
Uploading Outward Telegraphic Transfer Supporting Documents Download
Virtual Account Number (VAN) Quick Guide Download

UOB Infinity Video Guides

Bulk Payment Services – Authoriser View
Bulk Payment Services - File Upload (Maker) View
Bulk Payment Services - Interbank GIRO  (Maker) View
DuitNow (Authoriser) View
DuitNow (Maker) View
Interbank GIRO (Authoriser) View
Interbank GIRO (Maker) View
RENTAS (Authoriser) View
RENTAS (Maker) View
Telegraphic Transfer (Authoriser) View
Telegraphic Transfer (Maker) View

UOB Infinity Online Training

How to register Download
How to login to the training session Download

Rates & Fees

UOB Infinity rates & fees View

BIBPlus User Guides – Trade

Bank Guarantee Download
Financing Request Download
Identify Outstanding Interest Download
Import Collection Download
Letter of Credit Download
View Advice Download
View Reports Download