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UNIRinggit Rewards Programme

UNIRinggit Rewards Programme

We’ve made a world of rewards even more accessible to you. [ pu1 ]

Pay with UNIRinggit

Pay first, then offset your purchases with UNIRinggit at UOB TMRW. Make your UNIRinggit count by fully or partially offsetting your purchases.



Pay with UNIRinggit redemption with UOB TMRW

Tap - My Rewards

Tap on "Rewards+" then "My rewards" to view your available UNIRinggit.

Tap - Pay with UNIRinggit

Tap on "UNIRinggit", then "Pay with UNIRinggit" to select transaction(s)*. *up to 20 transactions to redeem.

Choose a transaction

Confirm the redemption amount you wish to redeem then tap "Next”.

Confirm your redemption

“Swipe to confirm”. The amount will be reflected in your next card statement.

UNIRinggit Rewards Catalogue

Your UNIRinggit is simply more rewarding. There are 2 ways to redeem your favorite products and vouchers in our catalogue:

  • UOB TMRW app
  • UOB Website



Catalogue redemption via UOB TMRW app




Redeem now with



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my UNIRinggit balance?

You can check your UNIRinggit balance on the UOB TMRW app by tapping on the Rewards+ section then by tapping on My rewards.

Yes. Simply go to My rewards in UOB TMRW, tap on UNIRinggit to view your UNIRinggit history which allows you to view and track your UNIRinggit transactions for the that you've earned and redeemed across all your UOB credit card(s) for the past 3 months. If you have any supplementary cardmembers, you will also see their transactions listed in your history.

Login to UOB TMRW app, tap into the ‘Rewards+’ section, and tap on ‘Redeem UNIRinggit’ to view the available merchandise, vouchers, air miles, annual fee and many more. You can also offset your purchases via ‘Pay with UNIRinggit’ on UOB TMRW app.

Pay with UNIRinggit is a feature of UNIRinggit Rewards Programme. It is a seamless UNIRinggit redemption that allows you to use your UNIRinggit to offset your purchases partially or in full, anytime, anywhere. Purchases must be made with an eligible UOB credit card.

You will have up to 60 days to redeem your purchase.

Yes, you may select up to 20 transactions at a time. Only full amount redemptions are allowed for multiple transaction redemptions under Pay with UNIRinggit.

The redemption information will appear on your next credit card statement.

Yes, the required minimum payment and/or overdue amount reflected in your credit card statement must be paid in accordance with your credit card agreement. Your payment obligations do not change.

A successful redemption through Pay with UNIRinggit is final and cannot be changed, cancelled or refunded.

It offers a variety of exciting rewards items from shopping, vouchers, airmiles, annual fee and more that are available in the UNIRinggit Rewards Catalogue.

There are 2 ways:

  1. Via UOB TMRW app
  2. Via UOB Website

Please allow approximately fourteen (14) working days for the redeemed item(s) or voucher(s) to be delivered to you based on the input delivery address during the redemption request. For air miles redemption, the redeemed air miles will be fulfilled to the airline Frequent Flyer Membership number you input.

For more details on how you can earn and use UNIRinggit, please refer to Terms and Conditions.