UOB Debit MasterCard

Fees Amount / Rate
Private / Privilege Banking Cardholders Other Cardholders
Fee (Fee for issuance of card/Annual Fee)


Lost/stolen/damage card replacement fee RM8.00
Cash withdrawal at overseas UOB Group ATM (UOB Singapore, UOB Thailand, UOB Indonesia) Free
Interbank Cash Withdrawal at PayNet Shared ATM Network & MEPS ATM [ MEPS ]
(ATMs owned by PayNet SAN participating banks)
Free (inclusive Wealth Banking) RM1.00 per withdrawal
(waived until 31st Jan 2022)
Cash Withdrawal at Mastercard Network ATM RM12.00 per withdrawal
Balance Enquiry Free
Sales Draft Retrieval  
• Photocopy RM5.00 per draft
• Original Copy RM15.00 per draft
Overseas transaction conversion fee If you use the Debit Card for Cash Withdrawals or for a transaction in a currency other than Ringgit Malaysia, it will be converted through Mastercard Worldwide at the conversion rate as determined by Mastercard Worldwide as at the date the transaction is posted. In addition, an administration cost of 1% or such other rate as determined by us for the conversion of the transactions made in a currency other than Ringgit Malaysia will be chargeable to you.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (“DCC”) is a service which may be offered by certain overseas merchants to provide you with the option to pay for your foreign currency transactions (including overseas purchases and online purchases) with your Debit Card in Ringgit Malaysia at the point of sale. The exchange rate for DCC would be determined by the relevant overseas merchant. Please note that if you choose to pay using DCC service, the exchange rate used by the relevant merchant for the conversion may be higher than the exchange rate as determined by Mastercard International when you pay in foreign currency.

*Example of participating MEPS member bank is Maybank, CIMB, RHB, Hong Leong Bank, for a complete list of participating bank, please refer to www.meps.com.my