Credit Card Balance Transfer

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    Apply for Balance Transfer with us and enjoy lower interest rate on your credit card balances with us

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Enjoy great savings when you transfer your outstanding credit card balances from other banks to UOB Credit Card! Repay your balances at much lower interest with flexible tenures of up to 18 months. You can even choose to pay fixed amount or decide on your own repayment amount every month! UOB always gives you the opportunity to manage your financial better.


UOB Balance Transfer (Reducing Balance)

UOB Balance Transfer (Reducing Balance)

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UOB Balance Transfer Instalment

UOB Balance Transfer Instalment

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Manage your financial better by applying for our UOB Balance Transfer Program. Enjoy interest savings when you transfer your outstanding balances from other banks’ credit card to UOB Credit Card and have the flexibility to select your suitable plan according to your affordability.



Special Interest Rate

Special Interest Rate Term

Plan 25

3% upfront interest

6 months

Plan 26

4% upfront interest

12 months

Plan 27

5% upfront interest

18 months


Get no surprises with UOB Balance Transfer Instalment that allows you to transfer your outstanding balances from other banks’ credit card to UOB Credit Card and enjoy a monthly fixed instalment with interest savings.


Best part of the deal:

  • Get no surprises – know how much to pay every month
  • Manage your finances better with a fixed repayment amount every month


Low Interest Easy and fast Flexible repayment
Affordable Interest Rate up to 9.20% p.a. Easy steps and fast approval Choose a repayment tenure from 6 to 60 months




  • New and existing UOB Credit Cardmember
  • Credit Card Account is not over limit and not overdue in payments at the point of application
  • Having a minimum statement balance of RM1,000 on a single credit card issued by other bank Credit Card
  • Transfer from multiple banks, up to a maximum of 5 different credit card balances in a single application

Apply Now

There are 3 simple ways to apply for UOB Balance Transfer

  • SMS

SMS UOBBT to 66300

Our officer will give you a call within 3 working days.

  •  Telesales hotline

Call our telesales hotline at 03-2638 8804 (between 9am - 6pm on banking working days only).

Application form
  • Application Form

Complete the application form (Balance Transfer Reducing and/or Balance Transfer Instalment), attach photocopy of your other bank credit card/charge card statement and send via mail to:

UOB Card Centre, P.O Box 10253,

50708 Kuala Lumpur

Or fax to 03-2690 0002

register interest
  • Register your interest online

Click here to register your interest with us and our officer will contact you soon with your exclusive offer rate, tenure and amount we could offer to you.

Terms & Conditions and Product Disclosure Sheet

Terms & Conditions:

  • UOB Balance Transfer (Reducing) T&C: ENG
  • UOB Balance Transfer Instalment T&C: ENG

Product Disclosure Sheet:

  • UOB Balance Transfer (Reducing) PDS: ENG
  • UOB Balance Transfer Instalment PDS: ENG

For Balance Transfer approved before 17th July 2023:

  • Balance Transfer (Reducing) T&C: ENG
  • Balance Transfer Fixed Pay T&C: ENG