• Balance Conversion

    Split your credit card statement balance into smaller and affordable monthly instalments.


Stretch your card statement balance into smaller monthly instalments with up to 60 months repayment plan at affordable interest rates. No documents or collaterals required. [ bc ]


  • Active principal credit cardmember who is not over limit and not overdue in payments
  • Credit cardmember with minimum outstanding statement balance of RM1,000

Fees & Charges

  • If you opt to cancel or early settle your Balance Conversion, an early termination fee of up to 5% of your remaining outstanding Balance Conversion instalment balance (at the point of early termination or cancellation) will immediately be chargeable.

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Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions and Product Disclosure Sheet
UOB Balance Conversion PDS: ENG
UOB Balance Conversion T&C: ENG | BM

For Balance Conversion approved before 17th July 2023
UOB Balance Conversion T&C: ENG