Credit Limit Increase

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    Higher credit limit for you

    • Permanently or temporarily; depends on your needs
    • Get the maximum benefits out of your Credit Card


Max out your credit limit? Don’t worry, apply for UOB Credit Limit Increase, either permanently or temporarily! The solution is to greater flexibility and financial freedom.

Credit limit options

Manage your credit limit whenever you are
Permanent Limit Increase (PLI) Temporary Limit Increase (TLI)
You can permanently increase your credit limit to match your lifestyle or unforeseen expenses. Instant financial flexibility when you need it. Enjoy a 50% temporary credit limit increase up to 60 days. No income document required.

Important NOTES:

  • Permanent or Temporary Limit Increase request are subject to bank's approval.
  • Income earners of RM36,000 and below per annum are allowed to:
    • Hold credit cards from a maximum of two (2) issuers;
    • A maximum credit limit of two (2) times of your monthly gross income per issuer.
  • If you wish to reduce your card limit, please contact our Call Centre.

For more details, please refer Permanent Limit Increase Terms & Conditions and UOB Credit Cards Terms and Conditions.


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Apply for Permanent Line Increase (PLI)

Apply for Temporary Limit Increase (TLI)

Option 1:
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3 simple steps to apply via UOB TMRW app.

Watch the video below on how to apply for Permanent Limit Increase (PLI). We will get back to you within seven (7) working days on the application status.

1. Log in to UOB TMRW app and tap on "Accounts".
2. Select your prefered card and tap on "Services".
3. Provide the required details, documents and tap on "Confirm".
Tips: To avoid further delays to your application. Do provide the latest income document(s).

Option 2: Apply via online application form
application form

Step 1: Click HERE to start.
Step 2: Fill up your employment details and upload your latest income document(s).

We will contact you within fourteen (14) working days.

We may send an email to your registered email address with the bank for verification purpose. To verify your identity, please confirm you have submitted a Permanent Limit Increase application by replying to this email within 3 working days. This pre-cautionary measure is taken to prevent fraudsters from committing identity theft and impersonating you.

Option 1:

Login to your UOB TMRW app

Watch the video below on how to apply for Temporary Limit Increase (TLI)


Option 2: Contact us
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Call our 24-hour Call Centre and request for Temporary Limit Increase