Credit Limit Increase

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    Higher credit limit for you

    • Permanently or temporarily; depends on your needs
    • Get the maximum benefits out of your Credit Card


Max out your credit limit? Don’t worry, apply for UOB Credit Limit Increase, either permanently or temporarily! The solution is to greater flexibility and financial freedom.


Permanent Line Adjustment (PLA) Temporary Line Adjustment (TLA)
New credit limit to suit your standard of living 30 days for emergencies or to settle last minute purchases


Income earners of RM36,000 and below per annum are allowed to:

  • Hold credit cards from a maximum of two issuers
  • A maximum credit limit of 2X of their monthly gross income per issuer


Apply Now

Apply for Permanent Line Adjustment

Apply for Temporary Line Adjustment

Download application form

Step 1:
Download and fill in the Permanent line increase application form

Call our 24-hour Call Centre & request for Temporary Line Adjustment.*

Download application form

Step 2:
Submit the completed and signed forms together with your latest one(1) month income document via email to UOB Malaysia at




*Approval is subject to the Bank’s sole discretion.
** For limit reduction, you may be in contact with us through our Call Centre.

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