Privilege Account

Fees Amount / Rate
Stamp Duty on cheque book (50 leaves) RM7.50
Monthly Account Consolidation Fee RM5.00
Stop payment instruction RM10.00 per Cheque
Commitment fee on unutilised standby credit Not Applicable

Outward returned Cheque due to insufficient fund                                            

RM100.00 per Cheque

Closing account within 3 months of opening RM20.00

Overdraft interest

• on one-to-one basis (Privilege Banking)


3.76% + Base Rate
• Excess overdraft interest charge 3.50% + Prescribed Rate
• Minimum Interest charge RM10.00
Cheque encashed by non-nominated persons RM3.00 per cheque
Service charge on destruction of uncollected cheque book RM10.00 per book