UOB Stash Pearl-fect Savings

Earn base and monthly bonus interest by just maintaining balance amount with the new UOB STASH.


What Is Stash

Cultivate your savings by earning base and monthly interest payments. PLUS enjoy the flexibility to withdraw it with no lock-in period. Stash it. And cash out. Anytime.


Earn up to 4.0%p.a. on savings
Earn monthly base and bonus interest by maintaining or growing your balances at all times.
Earn bonus interest monthly
Enjoy watching your savings grow every single month.
Flexibility to top up and withdraw
Peace of mind is knowing your cash is always available when needed and you can top up anytime to earn more bonus interest.

How Stash Works

While many banks offer no interest rate - or bare minimum - for your cash in a savings account, UOB STASH gives you DOUBLE interest payments – base and bonus interest. And the freedom to withdraw your cash whenever you need it. The benefits are beyond pearl-fect. Sign up TODAY.

Balance Tier Base Interest1 Bonus Interest2 Total Rates Effective Interest Rate*
First RM5,000 0.75% 0.00% 0.75% 0.75%
Next RM5,000 0.75% 0.00% 0.75% 0.75%
Next RM10,000 0.75% 2.50% 3.25% 2.00%
Next RM30,000 0.75% 2.50% 3.25% 2.75%
Next RM50,000 0.75% 3.00% 3.75% 3.25%
Above RM100,000 2.75% 0.00% 2.75% 3.00%

*Maximum Effective Interest Rate on the Stash Account is 3.25%* p.a. at RM100,000 deposit, provided customer's Monthly Average Balance (MAB) for the current month is equal to or more than previous month’s Monthly Average Balance.

Interest rates are quoted on per annum (p.a.) basis

1Base interest is accrued daily based on day-end account balance and credited on each calendar month end.
2Bonus interest is calculated based on MAB and credited on the first business day of the following calendar month.

How do you earn your Bonus Interest and Base Interest?

Who Is Stash For

UOB STASH is for anyone who wants to experience the excitement of watching their savings increase every single month. There’s no greater satisfaction than knowing your hard-earned money is working even harder for you by earning not one but two interest payments, 365 days a year!

The future looks bright and promising. But you are savvy. You make it a habit to put aside savings for a rainy day.
Juggling responsibilities is your daily grind. Yet you plan ahead with the foresight to save for your family’s future.
family with kids
You lead a jet-set lifestyle. You have earned it. Yet extra cash from investments or bonuses are wisely invested, not wasted.