Squirrels Away Your Cash With Stash

It's easy to Stash it and let your savings grow
It's easy to Stash it and let your savings grow

Enjoy high interest rates simply by maintaining or increasing your UOB Stash Account balance, with no lock-in period.

How Stash works

Cash in a savings account doesn’t typically benefit from high interest rates. However, UOB Stash Account is a savings account like no other. Earn base and bonus interest on your account balance, with the freedom to withdraw any time. Open now and start earning more on your savings effortlessly.

Balance Tier Base Interest¹ Bonus Interest² Total Rates Maximum Effective Interest Rate*
First RM25,000 0.05% 0.00% 0.05% 0.05%
Next RM25,000 0.05% 1.00% 1.05% 0.55%
Next RM50,000 0.05% 2.50% 2.55% 1.55%
Next RM100,000 0.05% 3.15% 3.20% 2.38%
Above RM200,000 1.60% 0.00% 1.60% 2.22%

*Maximum effective interest rate on the UOB Stash Account is 2.38% p.a. at RM200,000 deposit, provided customer's monthly average balance for the current month is equal to or more than previous month’s monthly average balance.

Effective interest rate of 2.22% p.a. for balance tier above RM200,000 is calculated based on RM250,000 deposit, provided customer’s monthly average balance for current month is equal to or more than previous month’s monthly average balance.

Interest rates are quoted on per annum (p.a.) basis.

1Base interest is accrued daily based on day-end account balance and credited on each calendar month end.
2Bonus interest is calculated based on monthly average balance and credited on the first business day of the following calendar month.

How do you earn your bonus interest and base interest?

Who is Stash for

Open UOB Stash Account online via UOB TMRW app on your mobile phone

  • Malaysian citizen residing in Malaysia;
  • MyKad issued post April 2012 (with ghost image);
  • Minimum age of 18 years old and above; and
  • Holds a current / savings account in another bank in Malaysia with internet banking access.

If you do not meet the above requirements, please click HERE to leave your contact details.
Our representative will contact you.

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Making banking simpler and safer for our customer

Convenient and Hassle-Free
“Opening an online account via UOB TMRW app is a breeze as it requires minimal requirements and hassle-free. The speed and convenience completing a fresh new account opening is amazing! Since I started banking with UOB, I have been able to enjoy good returns on deposits and the online facilities are convenient to us.”
Tey Le Peng
Customer of UOB Malaysia
Tey Le Peng
Good Products that Reward and Protect
“I successfully opened my UOB Lady’s Savings Account (LSA) and ProSave Account-I online through the UOB TMRW app with the greatest of ease. Through LSA, I am also protected by its complimentary female cancers coverage, giving me peace of mind for me to focus on my loved ones.”
Jamaliah Abd Aziz
Customer of UOB Malaysia
Jamaliah Abd Aziz
Banking Safely from Home
“Account opening through the Internet is extremely beneficial and convenient for me, particularly during this pandemic, since it relieves me of the stress of queuing and waiting at a branch. I am pleased with how convenient it is for me to monitor my transactions on the UOB TMRW app.”
Lee Li Lian
Customer of UOB Malaysia
Lee Li Lian


  • Minimum age of 18 years old and above.
  • Original MyKad for Malaysians and Passport for foreigners.
  • Please also bring the following supporting document(s):
    utility bill (e.g. water/electricity/telephone bills, quit rent, assessment note/bank statement/employer's confirmation Letter) in your name and address.
  • Letter of employment or student permit/pass for foreigners who are working or studying in Malaysia.
  • Single or joint account holder.
  • Initial deposit of RM500 to open UOB Stash Account.
  • Minimum balance to maintain in the account is RM20.
  • Click here for fees and charges

Banking and payment made easy

Perform banking activities easily wherever you are.
Instant fund transfer using a mobile or account number.
eWallet/Mobile Payment
Top up via your UOB savings account or UOB debit/credit card(s).
4x Interbank Cash Withdrawal fee waiver
Subject to minimum RM5,000 average balance in UOB Stash Account. Otherwise, a withdrawal fee of RM1 is applicable.

UOB TMRW Malaysia

UOB TMRW makes banking, dining, discovering deals and payments effortless. You no longer have to visit a branch for your daily transactions, search through restaurant reviews or deals through multiple mediums and even carry your wallet with you. We make all these features effortless and readily accessible through your mobile device.

How Stash Works


Example: If you open a UOB Stash Account in March and your Monthly Average Balance is RM50,000.

  • You did not make any withdrawal and maintain your balance in April .
  • You are entitled to enjoy Bonus Interest for the month of April .
  • Bonus Interest will be credited to your account on the next beginning of the month.
  • Base interest is accrued daily and credited on every month end.

If you have performed withdrawals and wish to top up to achieve bonus interest, simply login to UOB Personal Internet Banking or UOB TMRW App to top up your preferred amount.