Mighty Insights

Introducing Mighty Insights, a new feature that makes your mobile banking smarter by analysing your habits and serving you the most relevant insights. Simplify your banking experience by giving meaning to numbers.

Introducing UOB Mighty
Thumbnail Leave the hard work to us. We’ll alert you on transactional activities, trends, and any unusual occurrences to safeguard your account
Account Activity
Thumbnail Stay ahead of your day-to-day financial management and budgeting to meet your goals. Keep track with useful interactive charts and cash flow forecasts.
Cash Flow Forecast
Thumbnail Get savvy financial tips and alerts. We’ll help you identify opportunities to manage your finances effortlessly.
Financial Education
Thumbnail Stretch your Ringgit and Cents with smarter spending. Reaching financial goals made easy with simplified and interactive spending analysis.
Spending Analysis
Thumbnail Uniquely presented based on your usual spending habits and financial transactions, evolving as you grow with us.

Mighty Insights provides you with personalised insights. This is a perk that is integral to Mighty and cannot be turned off.

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Introducing Mighty Insights
How to sign up for online banking via UOB Mighty
How to set up UOB Mighty
How to set up Mighty Secure
How to check balance, pay bills and transfer funds
How to register and pay using DuitNow and DuitNow QR
How to redeem Mighty Coupons
Introducing Mighty Insights
How to sign up for online banking via UOB Mighty
How to set up UOB Mighty
How to set up Mighty Secure
How to check balance, pay bills and transfer funds
How to register and pay using DuitNow and DuitNow QR
How to redeem Mighty Coupons

Open a UOB savings account online via UOB Mighty app on your mobile phone

5 easy steps to open a UOB savings account

Step 1

Download UOB Mighty app
and select your preferred
savings account

Step 2

Capture an image of your
MyKad and perform
a facial recognition

Step 3

Complete the e-form

Step 4

Set up your online banking
and Mighty Secure

Step 5

Transfer funds
via DuitNow

It’s Done

Your savings account
is now active.
Start transacting now

  • Malaysian citizen residing in Malaysia;
  • New NRIC (MyKad) issued post April 2012 (with ghost image);
  • Minimum age of 18 years old and above; and
  • Holds a current/savings account in another bank in Malaysia with internet banking access.

If you do not meet the above requirements, please click HERE to leave your contact details.
Our representative will contact you.


Bring home the bank, bring home Mighty.
Life simplified with the all new UOB Mighty. Redesigned to make banking easier.

Manage your finances anytime, anywhere with the new and improved UOB Mighty. Our all-in-one app makes your mobile banking experience easier and mightier.

Mighty Secure

Bank with Mighty Secure

Perform banking anywhere securely with your personalised digital token

Mighty Secure is a digital security token embedded in your smartphone for convenient authentication of Personal Internet Banking and UOB Mighty (mobile banking) transactions without the need for SMS-OTP.

For enhanced security, all open transactions of RM10,000 and above performed via Personal Internet Banking and UOB Mighty must be authenticated with Mighty Secure.

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Fingerprint Sign In

Fingerprint Sign In

Conveniently sign in to the UOB Mighty app with just your fingerprint

We bring banking convenience to another level. Now, you can bank anywhere by signing in to the UOB Mighty with your fingerprint (Touch ID) or Face ID for Apple users and Fingerprint for Android users.


Make payments swiftly and securely while on the go.

Mighty Pay

Mighty Pay

Turn your mobile phone into a wallet and make contactless payment at more than 10,000 outlets around Malaysia and worldwide.*
*Only for NFC supported Android devices.

Fund transfer and Bill Payment

Fund transfer and Bill Payments

Duit Now Effortlessly send and receive funds via a mobile number or NRIC number.

Duit Now QR Go contactless with just 4 simple steps – Scan, Key in the Amount, Review and Confirm.

Pay / Transfer Make payments or transfers on-the-go with JomPAY bill payments, IBG and DuitNow transfer services, all at your fingertips.


Explore and enjoy exclusive dining, shopping and travel deals with UOB Mighty. You can now enjoy the lifestyle you deserve at your fingertips, be it in Malaysia or worldwide with UOB Cards.

Mighty Coupons

Mighty Coupons

Grab limited Mighty Coupons every Friday and enjoy amazing deals.

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Mighty Lifestyle

Mighty Lifestyle

Regional deals at your fingertipsGet information on UOB Credit or Debit Cards deals wherever you are in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. With Mighty Lifestyle, you can now get awesome deals ranging from travel, shopping, beauty and lots more. Get updated on the latest we have to offer exclusively for UOB cardholders.

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Download and login to UOB Mighty today.

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  • Who can Bank with UOB Mighty?

    All UOB customers holding at least one of the following accounts can bank with UOB Mighty:

    • Current or Savings Account(s)
    • Fixed Deposit(s)
    • Investment Account(s)-Privilege Account, Wealth Premium Account and Unit Trust(s)
    • Credit Card(s)
    • Loan(s)

    UOB Mighty runs on any iOS device with iOS11.0 or higher or an Android device running 8.0 or higher.

  • Are there any charges to Bank with UOB Mighty?

    There are no additional charges for using UOB Mighty to bank. Existing fees such as cash advance transfer, IBG, DuitNow and others will still apply.

    View the list of existing fees and charges

  • What are your security measures?

    Your security and privacy is always our priority. This app is equipped with various security features:

    • Connections are SSL encrypted for a secured connection
    • The app only functions on mobile devices which has not had its security features tampered with (such as jailbreak/root) to ensure there is no compromise in the security
    • Auto log-off after a period of inactivity

    Find out more about our security measures and learn how you can prevent yourself from scammers

  • How do you handle my personal information?

    We value your privacy and strive to protect your personal information in compliance with the laws of Malaysia. Your personal information will not be revealed unless otherwise authorised by you or required by the law to do so.

    We will also never request your password or PIN over the phone, via email or SMS. Your password and PIN are private to you. You should never reveal them to anyone.

    Find out more about our privacy policy.

  • How do I start banking with UOB Mighty?

    You can sign in using your Personal Internet Banking username and password.

    If you do not have a Personal Internet Banking username and password, you can apply online.

  • How do I change my username and password?

    Your username cannot be changed. However, you can request for a retrieval of your username or reset your password online with your Savings and Current Account/ Credit Card/ Loan Account details. Do ensure that you have the correct mobile phone number registered with the bank.

    Retrieve your username or reset your password here.

  • What features do you provide?


    • We ensure that your accounts are secured by asking you for a one-time-password (SMS-OTP) which will be sent to your mobile phone that is registered with the bank.
    • You can view your balance easily by either logging in with your username and password; or with your fingerprint (Touch ID) or Face ID for Apple users and Fingerprint for Android users.


    • Up to 60 days of transaction history for Privilege, Wealth Premium, Gold, Current and Savings account(s)
    • Unbilled transactions (new transactions incurred on the Credit Card since the last statement was sent) and up to 60 days of billed history (transactions posted in the current and previous month’s statements) for Credit Card(s)
    • Relevant information under Fixed Deposit(s) and Unit Trust account(s)
    • Latest prices for Gold, Fixed Deposit(s) and foreign exchange rates


    • Make payments to UOB Credit Cards, Home Loans and more than 1000 billing organisations via JomPAY
    • Add a payee for payments or transfers that will be performed frequently

    Transferring money to your UOB account(s) or any bank account(s) based in Malaysia has never been easier.

  • How can I use fingerprint sign in to access my balances?

    UOB Sign in by Touch Service is available only for Apple iPhone 5s or newer phones, operating on iOS 10.0 or newer systems, with a registered Touch ID or Face ID; and Android 8.0 or above devices with fingerprint capability.

    Once your mobile device is successfully registered with UOB Sign in by Touch Service, your account balance can be accessed with Touch ID; Face ID; or fingerprints registered on your mobile device.

    If anyone else has their fingerprint(s) registered on your mobile device, they will be able to access your account balances. Therefore, you are discouraged from allowing anyone else to register their fingerprints on your mobile device.

    Here are terms and conditions of UOB Sign in by Touch Service.

  • How do I add or remove a payee?

    You can add or remove a payee via the Mighty Bank by tapping on “Pay or Transfer” and  selecting “Other Accounts”. To add a payee, click on the “Add Payee” button at the bottom of the screen. Follow the instructions thereafter.

    To remove a registered account, swipe left on the account payee and click on the delete icon. The account will then be removed from your list of payees.

  • What happens if I change my mobile device?

    You can access UOB Mighty from any mobile device as none of your details are stored in your mobile device. All you need to do is to download and install UOB Mighty on your new device.

    If your mobile phone number has changed, please update your number via any UOB Malaysia ATM nation-wide.

  • What is DuitNow?

    DuitNow is a real-time online fund transfer service which allows payment to be addressed to an ID called DuitNow ID. With DuitNow on UOB Personal Internet Banking and UOB Mighty (mobile banking), you can receive money instantly and directly into your account via your mobile number, NRIC or passport number, army or police number, or business registration number.

    For more details on DuitNow, click here.

DuitNow QR
  • What is DuitNow QR?

    DuitNow QR is Malaysia’s National QR Standard established by PayNet under Bank Negara Malaysia’s Interoperable Credit Transfer Framework.

  • Are there any charges for DuitNow QR?

    All payments of RM5,000 and below will be waived, while transactions above RM5,000 will be charged RM0.50 fee per transaction.

  • Where will I find the DuitNow QR?

    The DuitNow QR will be displayed at the merchant’s payment counters.

  • Do I need to register to use DuitNow QR?

    No registration is required. All you need to do is use UOB Mighty to scan the DuitNow QR for payments.

  • What is IBG Fund Transfer?

    IBG Fund Transfer allows you to transfer funds:

    • From your UOB Savings and/or Current account to accounts in a participating bank.
    • To credit cards, loans and hire purchase accounts in other participating banks.
  • Are there any charges for IBG Fund Transfer?

    No, enjoy zero transaction fee for IBG fund transfers. Click here to find out more.

  • What is JomPAY?

    JomPAY is a national initiative to enable online bill payments across Malaysia. Payments Network Malaysia Sdn Bhd (PayNet) operates JomPAY.

  • Are there any charges for JomPAY?

    There are no charges for using JomPAY.

Mighty Pay
  • What is Mighty Pay?

    Mighty Pay turns your mobile device into your electronic wallet. Just use your mobile device and pay at more than 10,000 Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass terminals in stores nationwide. You no longer have to dig through your wallet for a credit card, or even carry it - it is all secured in UOB Mighty.

    With UOB Mighty, you can pay with a simple, secured tap by using your mobile device.

  • Who can use Mighty Pay with UOB Mighty?

    All UOB customers holding at least one supported and valid Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card, issued by UOB in Malaysia, can pay with UOB Mighty.

    Your device must also be able to run payments through UOB Mighty, which is compatible with any Android device with NFC support, running Android 6.0 or higher.

    Asus devices running on X86 processors are not supported.

  • Are there charges to use Mighty Pay?

    No. There are no additional charges applicable when using UOB Mighty to pay. However, interest, fees and charges to your card still apply.

  • What happens if I enter my wallet pin wrongly for consecutive tries?

    For security reasons, your account will be locked if you have entered the wrong wallet pin on ten (10) consecutive tries. To reset your wallet pin, you will have to reset settings. Upon reset, all card details will be removed.

    You will need to set-up your card(s) again through UOB Mighty.

  • What should I do if my mobile device is lost or stolen?

    Please call our customer hotline at 2612 8100 (Calling from local) or (603) 2612 8100 (Calling from overseas) immediately to block your digitised card.

    Please also inform your telco immediately to de-activate the line and get a new SIM card.

  • Can I continue to use my physical credit or debit card(s) when my digitised card(s) are blocked?

    You can continue to use your physical UOB credit or debit card(s). We will only suspend and remove the digitised card(s) in UOB Mighty.

  • What is the fraud policy for payments with UOB Mighty?

    If you notice something amiss, you can call our customer hotline at 2612 8100 (Calling from local) or (603) 2612 8100 (Calling from overseas) immediately to block your digitised card right away.

    If your mobile device is lost or stolen, your liability will be limited to RM250.00 but only if you take all of the following steps:

    • You immediately notify us of the loss or theft of your mobile device.
    • You take all reasonable steps to help recover or stop the use of the digitised card(s) and wallet PIN;
    • You give us a police report or a legal document called a statutory declaration in the form approved by us and any other document or information we require; and provided that the loss, theft or disclosure of the digitised card and/or wallet PIN is not due in any way to your negligence, fraudulent act or default.
  • How do you handle my personal information?

    We are committed to maintaining the highest standard on privacy practices. We and our partners will never sell, rent or loan any personal information that you share with us.

    We will never request your password or PIN over the phone, via email or SMS. Your password and PIN are private to you - Never reveal them to anyone.

    For more information, check out our privacy policies.

  • How do I start making payments with Mighty Pay?

    You can start using UOB Mighty for payments once you have digitised your first credit or debit card. If you do not have a UOB Credit Card, sign up for one today.

    There are two (2) ways to digitise your card:

    • Under ‘Account’, select the desired card, tap on ‘Settings’, ‘Add to Mighty Pay’ and follow the onscreen instructions.
    • Tap on ‘Mighty Pay’ and follow the onscreen instructions.

    You will then be prompted to accept the Terms and Conditions. An SMS one-time-password (OTP) will be sent to your mobile phone number registered with the bank.

    Sign up for a Credit Card.

    Apply for a Personal Internet username and password instantly.

  • What should I do if I have an issue adding a credit or debit card?

    Please call our customer hotline at 2612 8100 (Calling from local) or (603) 2612 8100 (Calling from overseas).

  • Which card will be used for payment if I have multiple digitised cards?

    The default card you have selected for payments with Mighty Pay will be used. To set the default payment card, under Mighty Pay, tap on ‘Manage’ at top right corner, select ‘Card Setting’ and follow the onscreen instructions.

  • How do I delete a card that has been digitised?

    To delete a digitised card, under Mighty Pay, tap on ‘Manage’ at top right corner, select ‘Card Setting’ and follow the onscreen instructions.

  • How do I reset my wallet pin?

    The wallet pin is used to authenticate Mighty Pay payments. To reset your wallet pin, you will have to reset Mighty Pay completely for security reasons; whereby all previous card details will be removed and you will need to digitise your cards again in Mighty Pay.

  • Where can I pay using UOB Mighty?

    You can pay with Mighty Pay at all merchants that accept Visa payWave or MasterCard PayPass. Look out for the contactless symbol in store. You can refer to the list of merchants that accept payments via UOB Mighty in Malaysia.

  • How do I view my payment transaction history with UOB Mighty?

    You can view up to your last ten transactions for payments made with UOB Mighty in the app. Do note that transaction history for payments made with UOB Mighty might not be approved transactions as the information has not been reconciled with the bank's system.

    If you have enabled location services on your mobile device, you will see the approximate location where the transaction was made.

  • What is the transaction limit for payments made via UOB Mighty?

    There is no transaction limit prescribed by the bank for debit or credit card payments via UOB Mighty. It will follow your limit for your card.

    As an added security, you will need to set-up a wallet pin when you are digitising your first card.

  • Why is the transaction amount listed in UOB Mighty transaction history different compared to the transaction history listed in my credit or debit card statement?

    When you pay with UOB Mighty, we immediately obtain the history from the point of sales terminal for the initial authorisation to store in your device locally before the transaction has been successfully processed by the Bank.

    Therefore, always refer to your credit or debit card statement to view your successful transaction details.

  • Will I earn UNIRinggit with my digitised cards?

    When you use UOB Mighty for payments, you will continue to earn UNIRinggit from participating merchants.

  • What happens if I change my mobile device?

    Digitised cards, together with the wallet pin and the recent ten payment transaction history are set up locally on your mobile device. As such, you need to remove all credit card details on your old device when you are changing your mobile device.

    You will need to download and set-up your cards again in UOB Mighty on your new mobile device.

  • What is Lifestyle?

    Get information on UOB deals and download Mighty Coupons. UOB deals provide dining, shopping, travel and other deals that you can enjoy with your UOB Credit and/or Debit card wherever you are in the world. Mighty Coupons are coupons that you can download and subsequently redeem at the respective merchant outlets stated on the coupon.

  • How do I search for deals?

    Deals are displayed based on your current location. You can also discover deals in other countries by picking a country (Singapore, Thailand, & Indonesia) from the drop down list, or search for a merchant or location on the search bar.

  • What is Mighty Coupon?

    Download dining, shopping and travel coupons that you can enjoy at respective merchant outlets with a UOB Credit and/or Debit card.

  • How do I download a coupon?

    Coupons will be displayed under Mighty Coupons section. Select the coupon that you want to download and click on “Grab it now”. The coupon will be saved to your inbox for your use at the respective merchant outlet or online.

  • How do I redeem a coupon?

    In-store merchant
    To redeem the coupon, just show the merchant your coupon code prior to payment. Merchant will then key in the redemption code on your phone. Once it is successfully redeemed, a “Coupon Used” message will pop up. Please note validity and terms and conditions of the coupon before use.

    Online merchant
    To redeem the coupon, enter the coupon code before checkout. Please note validity and terms and conditions of the coupon before use.

  • What is Mighty Insights?

    It is a new feature in Mighty that offers you helpful and relevant information about your account.

  • Why is the content for my Mighty Insights different from my spouse's/friend's?

    Mighty Insights is unique to you as we personalise the content based on your account information.

  • Can I opt out of Mighty Insights?

    You will not be able to opt out of Mighty Insights as it is a basic Mighty feature.

  • How is Mighty Insights useful to me?

    Insights are generated by analysing historical transactions on your account. Through this, we are able to offer you relevant suggestions and banking incentives that may help you enhance your banking experience.

  • Are there any other Terms and Conditions I should take note of?

    There are Terms and Conditions for using Mighty. Learn more here

Relevancy of Insights
  • Why do I keep seeing the same Insight?

    Important Insights will only disappear after you tap through to learn more. Otherwise, new Insights will be generated and replace older ones when you are active on your account.

  • Why is Mighty Insights flagging out irrelevant/incorrect content? Eg. Insufficient balance.

    Mighty Insights estimate your expected cash flow based on your transactions over the past 6 months. As such, Mighty Insights are meant to be pre-emptive not prescriptive.

Accuracy of Insights
  • Why is a merchant I visited before flagged as a new merchant?

    Mighty Insights only look at your transactions over the past 6 months. The merchant will be considered new if you have not frequented the merchant in the past 6 months. In addition, each merchant branch is registered individually.

  • Why is the date displayed for my bank account (CASA) in ‘Accounts’ different from what is shown in Mighty Insights?

    Dates displayed in ‘Accounts’ are posted transaction dates, while dates displayed in Mighty Insights are transaction dates.

  • Why are some values displayed on the Insights charts not the same as my transaction details?

    Values displayed on your analysis breakdowns, pie and bar charts and other summaries are rounded up or down to the nearest Malaysian Ringgit for a simple look and feel.

  • How do you know my future cash flow? Why do you say that I have a negative cash flow?

    Your estimated cash flows are forecasted based on your past financial transactions, taking into account the timeframes you made those transactions and more.

    An estimated negative cash flow in the future means you usually have more money debiting from your account than money crediting into that particular current or savings account based on your past trend. It does NOT mean negative future account balance.

  • Why don’t I see FPX transactions under my spending? I used it to pay a merchant recently.

    FPX is considered as a transfer and will be reflected in your cash flow summaries instead of spending summaries.

  • Why does this Insight say that my free trial may have ended? This is my usual transaction or this transaction is not related to a free trial.

    Mighty Insight tries to keep you informed so you do not miss out any transactions that may have occurred automatically. If this is your usual transaction, the merchant may have changed their merchant description and thus confusing our AI engine.

    However, if the transaction shown does not make any sense, kindly share the details with MightyV2Feedback@uob.com.my. We will consistently review, improve and ‘train’ Insights to be smarter for you.

  • Who is eligible to open a savings account online?

    Malaysian citizens residing in Malaysia, aged 18 years old and above with a valid Malaysian identity card and a duly registered Malaysian mobile number.

  • Are there any special requirements to open a savings account online?

    You will need to have the following:

    • A MyKad issued after April 2012, with a ghost image (small black and white photo) printed next to the colour photo.
    • An active current / savings account in another bank in Malaysia with internet banking access to perform a DuitNow (Pay-to-Account-Number) or Instant Transfer to activate your new UOB savings account.
    • For Android users, your mobile phone needs to have Google Mobile Services (GMS) to receive push notifications. For instance, Huawei mobile phones without GMS will not be able to receive the abovementioned push notification.

    Tips for a smooth account application process:

    • Switch to mobile data to ensure that you receive push notifications on your account application status.
    • Ensure that you have enabled the push notification in your phone settings.
  • What are the product(s) offered via online account opening?

    We offer five (5) types of UOB savings account which are available under the online account opening. They are:

    • One Account,
    • Lady’s Savings Account,
    • Stash Account,
    • InvestPro Account,
    • ProSave Account-i.
  • Can I apply for other products instead of a UOB savings account?

    No, currently only savings account is offered via online account opening.

  • Can I apply for a joint holder savings account online?

    No, only individual savings account is available under the online account opening.

  • If I already have an existing UOB savings account, can I apply for another different UOB savings account online?

    Yes, you may open and apply for a different UOB savings account apart from your existing savings account using this platform.

  • Are there any charges if I open a UOB savings account online?

    • No charges will be incurred for the opening of a UOB savings account online. However, you will need to transfer an initial deposit of RM100 or more via DuitNow (Pay-to-Account-Number) or Instant Transfer from your online banking account with another bank in Malaysia to activate your new savings account with UOB.
    • RM8 Annual Fee will be charged for Debit Card.
  • Can I activate my new UOB savings account using my family or friend’s online banking account?

    No, the fund transfer must strictly be made out of your own account from another bank in Malaysia using DuitNow (Pay-to-Account-Number) or Instant Transfer.

  • How long is the online account opening process?

    The online account opening process will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Your new savings account with UOB will be opened on the same day if the account application is submitted between 8:30 AM to 8:45 PM and you have successfully performed an initial deposit of RM100 or more via DuitNow (Pay-to-Account-Number) or Instant Transfer to activate your new savings account. Otherwise, your new savings account will be opened on the next calendar day.

  • Do I still need to visit the branch upon successful online account opening for further verification?

    No, you do not need to visit any branch for further verification upon successful account opening.

  • Will you contact me if I fail to open the savings account online?

    Yes, you will receive a call from our Client Acquisition team in the event that:

    • You are unable to proceed with your application and have completed the “Contact Me Form”.
    • Your application was rejected.
  • What should I do if I encounter an error while capturing my MyKad?

    If you encounter an error such as “Unable to verify your MyKad”, move the camera slightly further away and leave some space between your MyKad and the frame. Ensure that your information have been duly captured before proceeding to the next step in the said online application.

  • What should I do if I am having difficulties performing the facial recognition process?

    • Do not rush through the facial recognition process.
    • Tilt your head down slightly (or adjust accordingly to find the correct angle) to start the process.
    • Hold your phone straight and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • When can I start banking with my new UOB savings account?

    You can start using your new UOB savings account once you have received a Push Notification and/or email from UOB Malaysia informing that your new savings account is successfully activated.

  • How do I get my UOB Debit Card?

    The UOB Debit Card will be issued to you after you have successfully activated your new savings account. We will mail the UOB Debit Card within 14 working days to your mailing address specified in your online application.

    After you have received your UOB Debit Card, you can activate it using any of the following methods:

    • Key in UOBACD <space> NRIC/Passport No. <space> Debit Card's last 4 digits and send to 33310.
    • Go to any UOB ATM in Malaysia, insert your Debit Card and follow the instruction on screen.
    • Visit any UOB branch in Malaysia and speak to our customer service officer.
  • If I have an existing UOB Debit Card, will UOB issue a new debit card for me?

    No, you can continue to use your existing UOB Debit Card. Your new savings account will be linked to your existing UOB Debit Card.

  • Can I transact using my new UOB savings account while waiting for my new debit card to be mailed to me?

    Yes, you may perform financial transactions under the newly activated savings account using UOB Personal Internet Banking (PIB) or UOB Mighty app.

  • Are there any charges if I want to close my account?

    You will be subjected to a fee of RM20 if you close your account within three (3) months after the account opening.

  • What should I do if I want to close my account?

    You are required to visit any UOB Malaysia branch to close your account.

  • Is my deposit protected when I open a UOB savings account online?

    UOB Malaysia is a member of Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM). Deposit products are protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor.

  • Who should I contact if I have any other query other than the one stated above related to the online account opening process?

    For any other query, you may email us at uobcustomerservice@uob.com.my or contact our Contact Centre as below:

    • Kuala Lumpur [+6 03-26128 121]
    • Penang [+6 04-2401 121]
    • Johor Bahru [+6 07-2881 121]
    • Kuching [+6 082-287 121]
    • Kota Kinabalu [+6 088-477 121]
  • Terms and Conditions Governing Personal Internet Banking and Mobile Services

    Eng | BM