Auto Balance Conversion

  • Auto Balance Conversion


The Auto Balance Conversion (ABC) programme is aimed at helping eligible customers pay off their outstanding credit card balances in a shorter period at a lower rate. This will reduce the overall interest to customers.

It is also designed to promote prudent financial management among consumers, i.e. spending within your means and paying your credit card debt faster.


Key Features

  • Eligible customer will be given advanced notice prior to being enrolled into the programme.

  • Your credit card outstanding balances will be automatically converted into 36 monthly instalments upon meeting the eligibility criteria

  • Outstanding balances will be converted at 13%p.a. (effective interest rate)

  • Minimum convertible amount is RM1,000

  • Please note that the amount converted will be booked on your existing credit card limit. Each monthly instalment you pay will incrementally restore your available credit limit or in full once the Auto Balance Conversion is fully repaid.



  1. Lower rate @ 13% p.a. versus 15% - 18% p.a. credit card finance charge

  2. Hassle-free conversion - your outstanding statement balances will be converted upon meeting eligibility criteria (annual assessment)

  3. No processing fee on the conversion

  4. No termination fee - flexibility to early settle your instalment plan with no additional fee

  5. Flexibility to opt-out from each conversion offer

Opt-Out or Cancel

  • To opt-out from Auto Balance Conversion, you are required to send SMS: UT1 to 66300. Alternatively, you may opt out from this programme by contacting UOB Contact Centre.

  • Upon opt-out, we will not convert your credit card outstanding balance to an instalment plan. We will inform you of the next balance conversion offer 12 months later if you meet the eligibility criteria.

  • Upon conversion of your credit card outstanding balance, you are allowed to cancel within 30 days from the date of conversion (“Cooling-Off Period”) without any termination fee. This Cooling-Off Period only applies to first time conversion only.

  • If you opt to cancel the instalment plan during the 3-year tenure, you will have to pay the outstanding principal in full.


Terms and Conditions