Motorist's Companion Insurance

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    Passenger protection on the road


This is an insurance policy, that takes a step further by providing special care for your passengers. Our Motorist's Companion Insurance allows you to ferry passengers with total peace of mind since it protects every passenger and the driver (that's you) against bodily injuries or loss of life while entering, riding or alighting from your private vehicle.


  • Protection from as low as 14 sen a day
  • Passengers aged between 3 to 70 may be included in the plan
  • Medical reimbursement up to RM500 per person
  • Covers passenger injuries irrespective of driver's faults
  • 5% discount on coverage of additional vehicles
  • Riot and civil commotion are covered without extra charge

Benefits and Premium

Death RM10,000
Loss of both hands or both feet RM10,000
Loss of sight of both eyes RM10,000
Loss of sight of one eye and one hand or one foot RM10,000
Loss of one hand or one foot RM5,000
Loss of sight of one eye RM5,000

* The above benefits can be doubled to RM20,000 for private cars with seating capacities up to 5 persons with payment of additional premium as listed in the table below.

* Passengers aged 3 - 15 are entitled to 50% of all the benefits provided.

Seating Capacity (including driver) Annual Premium
RM10,000 RM20,000
4 RM50 RM100
5 RM60 RM120
6 RM70 -
Each additional seat RM8 -

The general particulars given above are subject to the terms of the Policy issued.


Complete the application form by:

  • Obtaining the form at any of our branches

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This is for your general information only. You are advised to visit any of our UOBM branches for the detailed terms, conditions and exclusions of coverage. The above plans are underwritten by Liberty General Insurance Berhad 197801007153 (44191-P), formerly known as AmGeneral Insurance Berhad. All claims and liabilities arising from the policies should be made with the company.