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ATM Overseas Withdrawal

About Debit Overseas Cash Withdrawal

  • Can UOB Debit cardholders access their accounts via UOB ATMs when they are overseas?

Yes, all UOB Debit cardholders can perform overseas cash withdrawals and balance enquiries at any UOB ATMs in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.


  • Do I need to apply for this service?

This service is automatically enabled for all UOB Debit cardholders in the participating countries. There is no need for you to specifically apply for this service.


  • What are the services available to me?

You can make cash withdrawals and perform balance enquiries at any UOB ATMs in Singapore, Indonesia or Thailand.


  • What type of accounts can I access when I’m in these participating countries?

You can access your Savings or Current Accounts that are linked to your UOB Debit Card.

  • How much can I withdraw from my account when I’m overseas?

The same cash withdrawal limit applies when you are using your card overseas. For example: if your current cash withdrawal limit is RM1,000 per day, then this limit will apply whenever you use your UOB Debit Card in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.


  • How do I know what is the exchange rate used for my cash withdrawal transaction?

You may view the foreign and home currency withdrawal details in your statement of accounts.



For more information, please refer to the list of complete FAQs about ATM overseas cash withdrawal.


PayNet Shared ATM Network

UOB is now part of PayNet Shared ATM Network ( MEPS ), providing you the convenience of banking with us. You can now access your deposits accounts with us at over 11,000 PayNet Shared ATM Network & MEPS ATMs in Malaysia.

You may now conduct the following transactions at any ATM with MEPS logo ( MEPS ):

  • Interbank Cash Withdrawal
  • Balance enquiry
  • Interbank ATM funds transfer to current account and savings account, loan repayment, and credit card repayment

Cirrus/Visa Plus

A 24-hour worldwide interbank ATM network. You can conduct the following transactions at any ATM with MasterCard Cirrus or Visa Plus logo:

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Balance enquiry


For transaction fees, please click on Fees & Charges.