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Did you know that when you spend overseas with your UOB Card, you can choose to pay in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) or in the currency of the country that you are in?


Foreign Currency

where payment is made in the currency of the country you are visiting


Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

where payment is made in Malaysian Ringgit


  Foreign Currency DCC
Payment is made at overseas merchants in Currency of the country you are visiting Malaysian Ringgit
Conversion rate
  • Determined by Visa/MasterCard International
  • Conversion rates are usually LOWER than the rates charged by overseas merchants
  • Determined by overseas merchants
  • Conversion rates are usually HIGHER than Visa/MasterCard International conversion rates
Service fees 1% of transacted amount 1%* of transacted amount


* With effect from 1st July 2021, all overseas transactions converted through the DCC service shall be subject to a fee of 1% of the converted Malaysian Ringgit transaction amount, being the fee/charge imposed by Visa/MasterCard International on the transaction. Such fee will be reflected in the Cardmember's next monthly Statement of Account.


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Some overseas countries may require a PIN when you pay with your credit card.

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