Stand a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime journey when you spend and transact with UOB

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Bonus entries




1 Exclude Entries earned from Incremental Balance in Participating Account, opening of Participating Account with min RM1,000 Average Balance and online transactions and activities for DuitNow, DuitNow QR, JomPAY and FPX performed via UOB Personal Internet Banking & UOB Mighty.

2 Exclude recurring/auto-billing transactions.

3 For local & online spend excluding any online transaction performed via UOB Personal Internet Banking and UOB Mighty ie DuitNow, DuitNow QR, JomPAY and FPX performed via UOB Personal Internet Banking & UOB Mighty.

4 Refer to spend/transaction billed in foreign currency and such transaction shall be converted to Ringgit Malaysia based on UOB Malaysia’s prevailing foreign exchange rate.

5 UOB Participating Account: One Account, Stash Account, Lady’s Savings Account, Savings Plus Account, InvestPro Account, i-Account, Basic savings Account, Basic Current Account, Passbook Savings Account, Privilege Account and Wealth Premium Account.

6 Only inflow or outflow financial transactions (debit or credit) performed via DuitNow, DuitNow QR, JomPAY and FPX are eligible. Transaction is considered unique when it is initiated for the first time to a recipient/biller on the particular day of the month. Transaction initiated to the same recipient/biller in the same month will not be considered as unique.

7 Any new UOB Malaysia Participating Credit Card applied during the Campaign Period (applicable to both Principal & Supplementary credit cards, approved and performed one time (1x) spend not later than thirty (30) calendar days after the Campaign Period, it shall be deemed as qualifying criteria to earn eight (8) Entries.

8 New or existing UOB Malaysia individual customer without any savings/current account with UOB Malaysia for the past 12 months prior to starting date of the Campaign Period and opens a Participating Savings Account can earn eight (8) entries as stated in the terms and conditions with minimum RM1,000 Average Balance. Member of PIDM. UOB Deposits are protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each deposit.

9* Only applicable for first-time UOB Online Banking registration/UOB Mighty app user.

9** Only one time throughout the Campaign Period.

10 Exclude 88 Bonus Entries.